18 Dolls with Button Eyes | Plush, Plastic, Rag and more!)

Button eyes can make a doll look charmingly nostalgic, sweetly innocent, or cute but creepy. 

Many antique dolls have buttons for eyes, including Raggedy Ann & Andy, who debuted in the early 1900s.

Lalaloopsy dolls are very popular, and there are plenty of plushies that have buttons for eyes.

Perhaps the most famous button-eyed dolls are those inspired by Neil Gaiman’s spooky book and animated film Coraline

Here are some of my favorites and today’s most popular dolls!

Best Overall Dolls with Button Eyes

Lalaloopsy’s Pillow Featherbed Doll

Lalaloopsy dolls are enchanting playthings created by MGA Entertainment. The dolls are made from plastic and rags. Their unique personalities, hobbies, and pets are inspired by the fabric they were crafted from. 

It’s hard to pick the most popular Lalaloopsy doll because they are so individualized, and each one has something special about them. Each doll is different and highly collectible. 

Lalaloopsy’s Pillow Featherbed Doll is irresistibly adorable in her candy-colored striped pajamas, a cascade of purple curls, and little pet lamb for counting sheep. The 13-inch doll is so adored that there’s even a matching dress-up costume for Halloween or playtime.

Lalaloopsy’s Dot Starlight

Sweet things come in small packages too! Mini Lalaloopsy’s Bitty Buttons collection features petite versions of the larger dolls made from plastic and rags. These adorable action figures are 3-inches tall and come with accessories. 

Lalaloopsy’s Dot Starlight is a stargazer. She’s got her button eyes fixed to the sky with a telescope, rocket ship, moon globe, and pet bird to help her soar high. Best of all, this miniature cutie is incredibly affordable.

NECA’s 10-inch Coraline Doll

It wouldn’t be right to talk about button-eyed dolls without showcasing something from Neil Gaiman’s Coraline! The beloved book and animated film have been an inspiration to children and adults alike and teach bravery and being true to yourself. 

NECA’s 10-inch Coraline Doll is a picture-perfect replica of the character’s doll from the film, complete with bendable limbs, yarn hair, a removable yellow raincoat, and of course, the famous button eyes. The authenticity is astounding, and it is a treasure for any fan or collector.

Lalaloopsy Haley Galaxy

Lalaloopsy Haley Galaxy is an intergalactic cutie that is out-of-this-world! She’s got poseable arms and legs with green skin, bright blue hair, and a futuristic outfit. Haley’s little pet alien joins her cosmic adventures, and there’s a description of her “sewn on” date (February 12th, Extraterrestrial Day), her place of origin, and personality.

Other Popular Dolls with Buttons for Eyes

Those are the button-eyed beauties that stole our hearts, but there are many others who were very close calls. Check out these charming button-eyed dolls and a couple of plush toys that made our best of the buttons cut. 

Aurora’s Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann and her pal Raggedy Andy were some of the first dolls showcased in a storybook as early as 1915. The rag dolls’ charm and sparkling button-eyes have never faded. 

Aurora, the renowned doll-making company, took over the license and crafted this classic doll’s exclusive updated design. The 16-inch Raggedy Ann doll has her signature bright red yarn hair, patterned blue dress, and an apron with her name stitched across it. 

Aurora’s Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Andy is Raggedy Ann’s bosom buddy. This cozy companion has a sailor cap atop his scarlet yarn head, a plaid shirt, and high-waisted cropped pants that show off his striped socks.

Andy is a super-soft 16-inch plush doll that makes a great gift for a baby boy or toddler because there are no small parts, and he’s supremely huggable. The button eyes are secure, so there’s no chance of choking hazards.

Aurora’s Count Your Blessings Raggedy Ann

This charming 16-inch Raggedy Ann doll has all of the beloved icon’s classic features, but she also has a special message to deliver. Her candy-cane striped apron has a heart with the words “Count Your Blessings” embroidered into it.

It’s a beautiful sentiment that’s great for all ages. Still, it will feel especially meaningful to a nurse, doctor, or care worker, as well as someone going through a challenging time who needs a bit of encouragement and reminder to cherish the good things. 

Delton Raggedy Dolls (Set of Four)

These button-eyed rag dolls by Delton come in a family of four. They’ve all got crimson curls, blushed cheeks, and muted plaid outfits. Each 10-inch doll also features its own unique characteristics. They’re perfect for playtime or home accessories.

The three girls are wearing their hair in various styles from pigtails to a ponytail or wild and free. Their gingham dresses are in earthy shades of red, blue, or green. The boy wears blue denim overalls and a cap. Each doll holds a tiny cut-out heart or star dangling from a piece of string. 

Lalaloopsy Harmony B. Sharp Silly Hair Star

Harmony is ready for showtime! This interactive doll from Lalaloopsy has six interchangeable pigtails and accessories that whirl as she sings and dances. 

She’s got poseable limbs for plenty of imaginative playtime, and her pet kitten is a rattle that makes music too. This 13-inch doll is a treasured collector’s item that will keep kids occupied for hours with magical, musical glee.

Lalaloopsy’s Bea Spells-a-Lot

Lalaloopsy’s Bea Spells-a-Lot is as studious as she is precious. This scholarly doll was sewn on Dictionary Day (October 16th). 

She’s got a fashionable schoolgirl’s outfit with a ruffled plaid skirt, a prime white shirt with a vest, and high-top sneakers. Bea likes to show off her study skills, even while resting. Her sleepover pajamas proclaim “I Love Math,” and she’s got a wise pet night owl to help her on quizzes and queries.

But the coolest feature of this brainy beauty is her interactive color-changing hair and accessories. Bea’s hair transforms from orange to purple in water, and her clips and combs help her stay stylish while she studies. 

Pillow’s Sleepover Set from Mini Lalaloopsy

The popular Pillow Featherbed doll from Lalaloopsy is shrunken down to size but is no less charming than her larger counterpart. 

This complete playset has a scrumptious-looking bed that is certain to induce sweet dreams, a teapot and thimble nightlight sitting atop a spool of thread for a bedside table, and a pin-cushion chair. Pillow Featherbed is ready to read her sheep a bedtime story unless she drifts off first! 

Mini Lalaloopsy’s Silly Fun House Set with Peanut and Ember

The circus is in town! Kids and collectors will be seeing double with Mini Lalaloopy’s Fun House collection that showcases two carnival-themed 3-inch dolls with pets and accessories.

Peanut’s purple pigtails and pink romper are the perfect complements to her adorable elephant companion and citrus-colored tricycle. The precious pachyderm is stylish, too, with his bowler hat. She’s also got a pie, so watch out for this clown doll’s antics! 

Ember wears a polka dot unitard that matches the spots on her little dalmatian friend. Her love for dogs extends to her carnival talent; she comes with a red balloon animal accessory.

Mini Lalaloopsy Ponies

The charm and magic of Lalaloopsy dolls extend to their pets and playmates. The Lalaloopsy ponies share the same cute button eyes and are covered in iridescent glitter.

The set comes with three 2-inch miniature Lalaloopsy ponies that are numbered for collectability. They come in three colors: coral, turquoise, and bubblegum pink. Each pony or pegasus has a different pose, from prancing to trotting and raising up on their hind legs to jump or fly.  

Fuggler’s Funny Ugly Monster Doll (Yellow)

With a face only a mother could love, Fuggler’s Funny Ugly Monster dolls come with warnings on their birth certificates: “Misunderstood and Mischievous, Adopt at Your Own Risk!”

But if you can get past their creepy, kooky exterior, these goofy-toothed, button-eyed plush dolls are in need of affection just as much as the most beautiful Barbie. 

They are soft enough to cuddle and are perfect presents for the child or adult who likes to embrace the strange and let their inner weirdness express itself through their toys. 

It’s OK Not To Be OK Mang Tae Nightmare Doll

This oddball doll wants to see you through lonely or challenging times and comfort your fears. Its purpose is to store your nightmares in its pouch and devour them so you can sleep peacefully. 

Though the button-eyed doll’s appearance might seem a bit eerie, it’s a snuggly friend for folks of all ages. The 8-inch doll helps to cope with anxiety and is an excellent tool for teaching children to quell their bedtime fears by turning their nightmares over to this strangely yet sweet ally. 

Fuggler’s Funny Ugly Monster Doll (Sickening Sloth)

Not all kids like cutie pie baby dolls or pretty princesses. Some boys and girls of all ages (and grown-ups too) want to walk on the wild side and prefer spookier button-eyed plush dolls. 

For those who embrace snakes and lizards over puppies and kittens, Fuggler’s Funny Ugly Monster dolls are the perfect companion for mischievous children who love strange things.

Aside from his funky teeth that look like he put on grandpa’s dentures, this periwinkle blue stitched sloth is alarmingly disarming and actually quite charming. It is an excellent gift for a child, a friend, or yourself as a reminder that beauty is in the button eyes of the beholder.

Funko Pop Movies Coraline Doll

Funko makes some of the most popular collectible toys of the 21st century. Their figurines are about 4-inches tall and cover the gamut of pop culture icons.

This vinyl doll is from the 2009 animated movie Coraline, based on Neil Gaiman’s beloved book. The heroine enters another realm where everything is backward, and people have buttons for eyes, just like her doll does. 

Funko’s Coraline doll is a great gift for fans of the movie or book, and a nice addition to any button-eyed doll collector’s shelf. 

Monster High Lagoona Doll

Monster High Friends dolls are button-eyed dolls that are only a little creepy, spooky, very kooky, and utterly adorable. Described as “freakishly fabulous,” Monster High plush dolls are inspired by famous movie monsters but are a whole lot cuter. 

Lovely Lagoona has fins and wears a scaly shirt, fishnet stockings, and flip-flops. Her two-toned yarn hair is the color of sand and water, and her button eyes are seaweed green. She’s got a pink piranha fish friend with blue button eyes too.  

If you can’t get enough of these merry monsters, other gems of this series of 10-inch plush dolls include Frankie Stein with her stitched-up pup, Ghoulia with her owl, and the frosty Abbey Abominable with her pet wooly mammoth.