14 Hair Styling & Makeup Dolls For Kids

Let me guess…your child is an aspiring hair and makeup artist or just loves being creative with their dolls?

You’re in the right spot!

My 9-year-old loves styling her dolls and probably has more makeup and hair bows for them than I do for myself!

To make your life easier when choosing a hair styling or makeup doll, I’ve compiled the ultimate shopping list and have broken it down by category.

Let’s get started…

Best Hair Styling Dolls

From Frozen to Barbie to unicorns, we have found the best hair styling dolls for your kids to brush, pin, accessorize, and style. 

1. Barbie Fashionistas Styling Head

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If your kid is into hairstyling, the Barbie Fashionistas Styling head would definitely keep them engaged and happy. Barbie’s long flowing hair is perfect for pinning, twisting, and brushing into tons of beautiful designs.

Barbie comes with a complete set of stylish hair accessories so your kids can create the perfect hairstyle. There are even customizable barrettes with colorful gems, meaning endless fun!

This product is suited for children ages three and up. 

Set includes:

  • One Barbie Styling Head
  • Hairbands
  • Three hair twists
  • Three customizable barrettes
  • Eight colorful gems
  • One brush

2. Cute Girls Hairstyles Styling Head

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Cute Girls Hairstyles is the biggest hair styling and hair tips YouTube channel made by hair professional, Mindy McKnight. Featuring various accessories, tools, and styling heads, the Cute Girls Hairstyles (CGH) product line contributes a unique hairstyling experience for kids to enjoy.

The Cute Girls Hairstyles Styling Head lets your child learn to create numerous hairstyles. With high-quality nylon hair, they can brush, style, and pin the head again and again without diminishing its texture and look.  

Set includes:

  • Clamp
  • 8 elastic bands
  • 6 bobby pins
  • 2-sided comb with fine and wide teeth
  • 2 hair clips
  • Hair tips booklet

 3. Barbie Deluxe Sparkle Rainbow Styling Head

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Let your kid add a touch of color with this Barbie Sparkle Rainbow Deluxe Styling Head. They can brush Barbie’s gorgeous, thick hair and style her iconic locks into the trendiest designs. Kids can use Barbie’s brush to create whimsical updos that show off their colorful hair. 

Set includes:

  • One styling head (Barbie Sparkle Rainbow Deluxe)
  • One color-changing applicator
  • Colorful hair extensions
  • Three interchangeable barrettes
  • One applicator tool for sequins, plus sequins
  • One brush
  • Eight hair gems
  • One nail wheel with nail stickers

4. Unicorn Styling Head

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If your child loves unicorns more than dolls, this Unicorn Styling Head is a great option! The set features a bright, colorful unicorn head for your kid to brush, style, braid, and twist. 

The unicorn head comes with gorgeous rooted eyelashes, a metallic horn, and flowing pink hair. 

Set includes:

  • Three large barrettes
  • Three small barrettes
  • One unicorn styling head
  • One hairbrush
  • Three hair ties

5. Disney Princess Moana Styling Head

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Fans of Moana will love this styling head for kids. The doll comes with a total of 13 hair accessories for endless hairstyling fun! The set includes seashell clips and elastic bands to keep her long hair in place.

And even better, the clips can be used on children’s hair, so your kid can style themselves just like Moana.

Set includes: 

  • Three hair spirals
  • One hair barrette
  • Four elastic bands
  • One hairbrush
  • Four seashell clips

6. Disney Frozen 2 Anna Styling Head

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Anna from the Frozen franchise is likely to be recognizable to just about every child. This Disney Frozen 2 Anna Styling Head has so many hair styling possibilities for your kid to enjoy.

Her stylistic red hair can be brushed, twirled, and pinned into multiple fashionable styles.

Set includes:

  • 1 hair comb
  • 4 hair barrettes
  • 3 hinged clips
  • 2 snowflake claw clips
  • 2 hair elastics
  • 1 large hair clip

7. Disney Princess Jasmine Styling Head

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This Disney Princess styling head is great for Jasmine fans from Disney’s Aladdin. Jasmine features beautiful, thick hair that is great for styling and combing.

The set comes with 13 hair accessories for creating new, fun hairstyles.

Set includes:

  • One hairbrush that resembles a magic lamp
  • Three flower barrettes
  • Two glitter hair ties
  • Two hair ribbons
  • Five elastic bands

8. Styling Disney Princess Ariel Mini Head

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Best known for her signature long, red hair, Princess Ariel’s Styling Mini Head allows for various styling techniques, featuring seashell clips and barrettes designed to look like her fishy friend, Flounder. 

The set includes a total of 13 accessories, including a brush to comb out her hair between different styles. It is lightweight and easily portable, great for long car rides and lazy days at home.

Set includes:

  • Mini Ariel Styling Head
  • Purple brush
  • Various clips for styling fun

Best Makeup Dolls & Sets

Help your child practice makeup techniques with these fun, creative makeup dolls! Here are six of the best makeup dolls for your kids to enjoy.

1. Washable Makeup Set For Dolls By New York Doll Collection

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Help your kids beautify their princess doll with this play makeup kit! Let them glam their doll up and get her ready for any occasion with various brushes, blushes, lipsticks, and more. 

This makeup kit is made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and BPA-free material tested for USA safety regulation. 

Set includes: 

  • Seven Brushes
  • Three Colors Lip Gloss
  • Three Makeup Remover
  • Six Colors Nail Polish
  • Six Colors Blush
  • Four Colors Eyeshadow
  • Five Colors Lipstick
  • Doll NOT Included

2. Princess Styling Head Doll With Makeup

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With this Deluxe Styling Head Doll Playset, kids can accessorize, glamorize, and stylize their doll with various hair extensions, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more! 

This styling head doll lets children create fun hairstyles while also testing out chic makeup techniques. 

Set includes: 

  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Clips
  • Elastic Hair Ties
  • Necklace
  • Styling Brush
  • Play Cosmetics feature: Lipstick, Eye Shadow Case, and more

3. Who’s That Girl Dollface

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By following all the hottest trends, your child can create gorgeous looks with the Who’s That Girl Dollface. From color shift hair to glitter nails, Who’s That Girl lets them have fun while experimenting and creating looks just like the most famous beauty stars.   

Let your kids express their personality with various makeup and hair accessories. Then feel free to let them mix, match, and design head-turning looks that make everyone think — Who’s That Girl? 

Kids can perfect their beauty skills by testing them out on your very own Who’s That Girl Dollface. The practice makeup palette allows them to try hairstyles, beauty, and makeup looks so they can learn how to apply them to themself.

Kids can follow along with beauty tutorials with the Dollface, and create fun, new cosmetic and style looks. 

Whether it’s adding accessories, brushing her hair, or creating makeup looks, the Who’s That Girl Dollface lets your kids do it all.

Set includes:

  • Dollface
  • Hair accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Comb
  • Metallic freckles
  • Beauty look book

4. African American Styling Doll Head with Makeup

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This Deluxe Styling Head Doll Playset works as a great gift for kids! It offers endless hair and makeup styling possibilities, so they can brush, pin, comb, and apply makeup until they reach the perfect look. 

Children can use the special vanity mirror to make sure everything looks good as they apply eyeshadow, lipstick, and hair accessories to their doll.

Set includes:

  • One African American Deluxe Styling Head Doll Playset
  • Comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Doll Mirror
  • Scarf
  • Hair Clips
  • Playset Cosmetics include: Eye Shadow Case, Lipstick, and more
  • A great set for ages three and up

5. Failfix 2Dream Epic “Color ‘N Style’ Makeup Doll

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Help your child become the ultimate style and makeover artist with FailFix Makeup Doll! The @2Dreami Epic “Color N’ Style” doll lets them create magical, colorful looks.

Kids can use the Styling Chair and Magic Spa Mask to reveal a new transformation. After fixing her silky, smooth hair by brushing out the knots, kids can then use the Hair Dye Wand to create dreamy blue and pink hues throughout the doll’s waves. 

With this full set, your child can pamper and style their doll to achieve whatever look they’re going for.

Let them add a touch of sparkle with the Twist In Hair Gem Accessories and complete the look with two different outfits. Then, kids can finish off the look with a pair of stylish shoes and jewelry.

This doll does it all. Help your kid take over the makeover and give their doll a total head-to-toe transformation!

Set includes: 

  • Includes 2 ‘Dreami’ looks — Summery Sweet and Magical Evening look
  • Magic Spa Mask that reveals a new refreshed makeup look
  • Hair Dye Wands add color to the doll’s wavy hair
  • Braiding Tool create a magical mermaid braid
  • The full pack includes over 25 styling pieces, including gem hair accessories they can add to the doll’s braid
  • Styling Chair that doubles as a Doll Display Stand

6. YIFAN Styling Head Doll with Makeup

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Kids can use the YIFAN Styling Head Doll to create fun hairstyles and gorgeous makeup looks. Featuring beautiful, shiny long hair that is perfect for brushing and styling, this styling head doll is great for children of all ages.

This styling head doll would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift. Doll’s come in four different styles: big waves and air bangs, big wave rolls and no bangs, double ponytails, and no bangs, or straight hair and neat bangs.

Set includes:

  • Two combs
  • One Hair Dryer
  • Six Curly Hair Tools
  • One Bag
  • One Plastic Ring
  • One mirror
  • One hat
  • Two Dye Hair Creams
  • Two Beauty Makeup Brushes
  • One Beauty Makeup Plate
  • Eleven Hair Bands 
  • Two Hair Pins 
  • One necklace wheel
  • One lipstick