Black Baby Dolls (African American) – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Finding a good doll can be challenging, and sometimes finding one that resembles a black or African-American person can be even harder.

Kids enjoy having a friend that looks like them, and so we put together a huge list of black baby dolls to help you find the perfect match.

Best Black Baby Dolls (African American)

These dolls are a varied group of toys designed for interactive play. 

1. Nice2you Black Baby Doll

Nice2you Black Baby Doll In Green Outfit, 12" Nice2you Black Baby Doll In Green Outfit, 12"
  • Stylable hair.
  • Movable limbs and head.
  • Made from durable vinyl and non-toxic PVC.
  • Recommended for ages 3+.

This baby doll by Nice2you is a cute playmate for children aged 3 to 7. Children can style its pretty, curly hair and collect and dress it in various clothing and accessories.

The toy’s material is vinyl, non-toxic PVC. The sparkling acrylic eyes give energy to its face. It is 12 inches tall, making it a companion that is difficult to lose but easy to transport.

The overall hardness may make this doll less than ideal for snuggling. In short, the Nice2you doll is better for active play and not ideal for bedtime.


  • Stylable hair
  • Outfit options
  • Movable limbs and head


  • Hard plastic
  • Hair may detach

2. Ready For School Black Baby Alive Doll

Popular Pick
Ready For School Black Baby Alive Doll Ready For School Black Baby Alive Doll
  • Beautiful, natural-looking hair.
  • Includes a brush and notebook.
  • Recommended for ages 3+.

This selection from Baby Alive is cute with a friendly face who is ready for school! It comes with two accessories: a hairbrush and a pretend notebook for children to “help” their doll with her schoolwork.

Designed for children three and up, this companion has stylable hair and big, sweet eyes. The doll is about 14 inches tall and can sit by itself. It’s made of a sturdy but lightweight plastic.

Baby Alive has gorgeous hair, but one caveat is that tangles easily and requires extra care to smooth out.


  • Cute design
  • Brush included
  • Accompanying notebook promotes interactive play


  • Difficult hair to brush
  • The dress is somewhat fragile

3. Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat

Highly Rated!
Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat, 14" Glitter Girls Dolls by Battat, 14"
  • Arms bend at elbows and rotate at shoulders. Legs bend at knees and rotate at hips.
  • Straight silky brown nylon hair is fun to brush and style!
  • Her clothes have easy-open closures that make them quick and easy to put on and remove.
  • Solid plastic construction is durable, easy to clean, and free from BPA, phthalate, and lead

This beautiful product from Battat can sit, stand, and pose in various ways. It has a lifelike presence with limbs that can bend.

The doll is made of BPA, phthalate, and lead-free plastic for safe playing. It’s also an easy-to-wash material that’s durable and long-lasting.

Although this 14-inch doll only comes with one 5-piece outfit at the start, children can collect more outfits and accessories. The doll is fortunately compatible with a wide range of objects crafted for 14-inch dolls.

This doll is suitable for children ages three and up but is designed to resemble a young girl and not a baby.

Our only complaint is that the doll is a bit smaller than the alternatives.


  • Self-standing
  • Posable
  • Made from safe material


  • Smaller than expected
  • Fragile hair

4. Baby Doll Set With Car Seat & Accessories

Great Value
12" Baby Doll Set (Includes Doll, Car Seat, and Accessories) 12" Baby Doll Set (Includes Doll, Car Seat, and Accessories)

Includes African American 12" Baby Doll, Car Booster Seat, Rattle Toy, Bib, and 2 Feeding Bottles. An All-in-One Set featuring Booster Seat Backpack.

This doll is fabulous for the kid on the go! The baby doll comes in a car seat-style chair with straps attached so that children can wear the seat like a backpack. If a child wants to have their friend but keep their hands free, this doll solves that problem!

The doll also comes with a bottle, a sippy cup, and a teething toy. 

The doll’s details in its eyes, fingers, and toes add a realistic touch. This doll is only eight inches long, which may not be everyone’s preference.


  • Easily transported by kids
  • Detailed design
  • Fun accessories


  • Small
  • Pricey

5. Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends, 11" Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends, 11"
  • Head head wobbles and bobbles when moved.
  • Includes popsicle and smoothie drink.
  • Changeable clothes and removable shoes.
  • Ages 3+.

Summer Peaches from Kindi Kids’ Snack Time Friends set is a highly stylized and colorful doll. Summer comes with a changeable outfit, removable shoes, and snack accessories.

Summer’s head bobbles as a fun feature, though it is still durable and well-made. The hands can hold the included popsicle and smoothie accessories. A little spoon comes with the doll so children can feed it during play.

The doll has shiny and smooth hair that is easy for children to brush, though a brush is not included.


  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Doll can hold accessories
  • Easily brushable hair


  • No brush included
  • Top-heavy

Ganz My First Doll Dollies Soft Plush Girl

Ganz My First Doll – Dark Complexion and Black Hair Ganz My First Doll – Dark Complexion and Black Hair
  • Her super-soft polyester clothes, loosely stuffed filling makes her great for cuddling, naps, bedtime, or comfort.
  • Its 9-inches size makes it easy for small hands to hold.
  • Built-in tummy rattle.
  • Approved for ages 0+.

Ganz’s My First Doll is designed for newborns and infants as an early cuddle toy. It’s nine inches tall and a good size for small hands to grab, squeeze, and carry. The doll has a sweet face and an overall streamlined design.

Although soft and snuggly, it’s a durable doll that’s made to withstand chewing, throwing, and everyday wear and tear. Inside the doll’s belly is a built-in rattle to entertain young ones as they shake and play with it.

Note this doll’s short length; at only nine inches, she’s ideal for smaller hands but may not be ideal for bigger kids.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Built-in rattle
  • Cute and simple design


  • Smaller than some buyers expected

Realistic Black Baby Dolls

If you are looking for a doll that looks human, these dolls check that box. Although almost all are for playing, some are strictly collectibles for display only.

Aori Reborn Baby Doll – Lifelike Weighted Black Doll

Aori Reborn Baby Doll - Lifelike Weighted Black Doll, 22" Aori Reborn Baby Doll - Lifelike Weighted Black Doll, 22"
  • Weighted body gives this reborn doll a real feel.
  • Hand-painted features.
  • Stuffed bear and magnetic pacifier included.
  • Recommended for ages 3+.

This lifelike doll from Aori exudes a soft personality and many of its features were hand-painted, such as the lips and fingernails.

This doll doesn’t just look pretty. It has a weighted body and comfortable clothing, making it huggable. The included pacifier magnetically sets inside the doll’s mouth to keep it secure during play. The doll also comes with a mat and a bottle.

In addition to these fun accessories, the doll comes with a stuffed bear that comes dressed to match the doll in a cute pink polka-dot dress.

Depending on who you ask, though, one critique is that the doll’s skin appears ashy and just not as vibrant as a real-life baby.


  • Hand-painted features
  • Stuffed bear included
  • Magnetic pacifier


  • Ashy skin
  • Hair requires specific care

Adora Adoption Baby Joy

Top Rated!
Adora Adoption Baby Joy, 16" (Black) Adora Adoption Baby Joy, 16" (Black)

Baby Joy comes with a soft and cuddly body that's scented like fresh baby powder. She has brown open/close eyes, medium-dark skin, comes with a certificate of adoption, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper, and is swaddled in a cuddly soft microfiber blanket.

This baby doll “Joy” from Adora uniquely designates itself as an adoption baby. Among the accessories is an adoption certificate. A child can fill it in with their name as the adopted parent.

The doll is 16 inches long and, in addition to the adoption certificate, comes with a pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper, microfiber blanket, and crib. The crib is made of cardboard and is a simple design, but still a sturdy accessory.

Upon unboxing, it seems this doll carries a bit of a chemical smell. Another potential drawback is the somewhat lumpy shape of the doll’s soft body, though it does make the toy huggable.


  • Unique “adoption” feature
  • Soft body
  • Several accessories


  • Occasional strange smell
  • Oddly-shaped body

Paradise Galleries African American Black Reborn

Paradise Galleries African American Black Reborn, 20" Paradise Galleries African American Black Reborn, 20"

Enjoy a realistic warm embrace, thanks to his weighted cloth body, wrinkled little fingers, hand-set eyes. He has hand-painted details and hand-applied eyelashes. He is 20-inches from head to toe, so true to life, and is a dream to be cuddled.

Paradise Galleries’ African-American male baby doll truly resembles an infant boy with its curly hair and pleasant expression. Its weighted body gives it a more realistic feeling and allows it to sit upright. 

This little tyke comes equipped with a soft toy hammer, bib, and holdable bottle. The clothing, down to individual socks, is removable. Although the hair is synthetic, it has a passably realistic texture,

The doll is listed as being for collectors aged 14 and up, though parents can make their own judgments about that. Its collector status is reflected in its cost, however.


  • Pleasant expression
  • Soft accessories
  • Collectible


  • Pricey
  • It may be intended for older individuals

Paradise Galleries – Reaching for The Stars Black Doll

Reaching for The Stars Black Doll African American Doll, 19" Reaching for The Stars Black Doll African American Doll, 19"
  • Realistic features including a weighted body, wrinkled little fingers, hand-set eyes, and hand-applied eyelashes.
  • FlexTouch vinyl makes for a super smooth finish.
  • for a finish that is as smooth as a baby’s bum. Her premium ¾ vinyl limbs

This newborn baby from Paradise Galleries has an incredible amount of detail. The painted creases on the skin and the overall textures are realistic and believable. 

This doll is flexible, with a soft center and smooth vinyl for the skin. Its fingernails are dual-tone to both match the doll’s skin and give the impression of grown-out nails. Light blushing on the hands and feet gives the doll’s skin added depth.

This doesn’t just come with a onesie and diaper. It also comes with a hat, hospital bracelet, and blanket.

The doll’s hair does seem a bit thin, but as it’s meant to be a newborn, many buyers may forgive this detail.


  • Realistic detail
  • Cuddly
  • Comes with accessories


  • Poor quality hair
  • Hard plastic face

Kaydora Reborn Laughing Doll

Kaydora Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl, 22" Kaydora Reborn Baby Dolls Black Girl, 22"

This loving doll measures 22-inches from head to toe, and weighs in at 3.34 pounds; giving is a life-like feel. Her head and limbs are soft silicone, and her body is cotton. The package includes a doll, bear, cloth, pacifier, bottle, birth certificate, and gift box.

If there’s nothing as contagious as a baby’s laughter, then this lifelike doll is sure to elicit some giggles itself. Its joyous expression is pleasant and realistic, with two baby teeth showing through its bottom gums.

The doll comes with a full entourage of accessories: a stuffed bear, pacifier, bottle, and a bowtie for the bear. All items match with simple patterns in soft pink and white.

Although this is a beautiful doll, some visible manufacturing defects, including asymmetry and the skin color not being as dark as advertised, are worth noting.


  • Happy laughing expression
  • Stuffed bear included
  • Pretty color palette


  • Occasional manufacturing issues
  • Lighter skin color than advertised

Black Baby Dolls with Natural Hair

These dolls favor hairstyles that resemble real-life black baby hair.

Aori African American Soft Body Realistic Girl Doll

Aori Lifelike Reborn African American (Black) Baby Dolls, 22" Aori Lifelike Reborn African American (Black) Baby Dolls, 22"
  • Hair has a genuine appearance.
  • Fits into real baby clothes
  • Hand-applied brown eyes and handmade beautiful black rooted hair.

This lifelike doll from Aori gives special attention to the hair and it has a genuine appearance. This doll is both a collector’s item and a toy.

The doll comes with a soft, plush bird and accessories like a magnetic pacifier, a bottle, and a birth certificate. Like many realistic dolls, it fits into real baby clothes made for infants 0-3 months old.

Although the design is meant to showcase realistic hair, it appears to be a bit more delicate than most dolls’ hair. 


  • Hair has a genuine appearance
  • Fits into real baby clothes
  • Comes with a cute plush bird


  • Hair attached poorly
  • Pricey for the quality

Darkduke Black Baby Doll, Movable Limbs, 10″

Budget Option
Darkduke Black Baby Doll, Movable Limbs, 10" Darkduke Black Baby Doll, Movable Limbs, 10"

Realistic African simulated cute curly hair and black soft skin, good touch, and cute face. The head and limbs can rotate and the doll can sit and lie down. Perfect for ages 3+.

This 10-inch doll is a soft vinyl that sports a curly hairstyle that’s unique from what you generally see on dolls. The hair is styleable, though should probably be handled with care to maintain curls.

Although full-body vinyl, it’s still a soft companion for cuddling. The vinyl is safe and non-scented and can be wiped down with a damp cloth if necessary.

The doll’s accessories are simple, containing only the cloth bloomers the baby wears. Since it is a 10-inch doll, it will not fit in real baby clothes.


  • Unique hairstyle
  • Soft and smooth
  • Cleanable


  • Minimal accessories
  • Hair may require care

Linda Murray Weighted African American Silicone Baby

Linda Murray Weighted African American Silicone Baby Girl (Ashton-Drake Galleries), 18" Linda Murray Weighted African American Silicone Baby Girl (Ashton-Drake Galleries), 18"
  • Delicately hand-painted features - her lifelike skin tone, rosy cheeks, and tiny manicured fingers and toes.
  • Curly wisps of hand-rooted hair and delicate eyelashes add to her realism.
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

This Linda Murray doll truly resembles a real baby. With soft skin that “gives” like true skin, a face with a sweet expression, and hair looks authentic. This doll is not a toy but a beautiful collector’s item.

This doll was crafted with love, with manicured fingers and toes and hand-rooted hair. The doll comes with a full out including a shirt, overalls, a diaper, a headband, and socks.

Like other collection-worthy dolls, this one should be handled with care, especially the hair, to maintain its beauty for years to come.


  • Skin feels genuine
  • Realistic hair appearance
  • Proper weight and proportion


  • Requires delicateness, especially the hair
  • Expensive

Soft Body Black Baby Dolls

For snuggling and cuddling, these dolls are especially safe for newborns for sleep or play.

JC Toys – La Baby African American Soft Body Baby Doll

JC Toys - La Baby African American Soft Body Baby Doll, 20" JC Toys - La Baby African American Soft Body Baby Doll, 20"

La Baby is big and huggable yet light enough and easy for young hands to hold, carry and cuddle. Unscented and Washable for easy care.

This doll is designed for children or toddlers starting at two years old but can also comfort and help adults with special needs, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Since the doll is designed for comfortable interaction, it has no buttons, zippers, eyelashes, or anything that could be yanked or cause discomfort. This doll is durable and can withstand lots of play and interaction.

The fact that the plastic that starts at the hands only goes halfway up the arm is a bit odd. And although this is a newborn doll, it doesn’t fit well in real newborn clothing.


  • Soft and cozy
  • No impeding buttons, zippers, etc.
  • Durable


  • Odd arm structure
  • Doesn’t fit well in newborn clothing

Soft Body Black Doll By The New York Doll Collection

Soft Body Black Doll By The New York Doll Collection, 11" Soft Body Black Doll By The New York Doll Collection, 11"

Realistic-looking, with a soft body and amazingly detailed vinyl head, arms, and legs. Measuring at 11-inches, it's easy to carry for small children and a joy for them to play with. It has over 6,200 reviews on!

This little one makes a cozy companion with its plushy middle and soft onesie and hat. This doll is suitable for children as young as 18 months, making it a wonderful first doll for young kids.

This doll is machine washable and an inexpensive option. But, there’s a bit of a “you get what you pay for” vibe with the product not being incredibly sturdy. 

The doll comes with few accessories, but the company has other products that are compatible with it.


  • Soft for toddlers
  • Machine washable
  • Other accessories available separately


  • Minimal accessories
  • Not very durable

So Soft My First Baby Doll with Dark Complexion

So Soft My First Baby Doll with Dark Complexion (Black), 11" So Soft My First Baby Doll with Dark Complexion (Black), 11"
  • Perfect baby's first baby doll.
  • Incredibly soft body and peek-a-boo satin belly.
  • Machine Washable!
  • Infant safe with embroidered features.

This doll is about as cozy as cozy gets. It’s fully soft, no hard plastic, and even its face expresses the feeling of absolute comfort and satisfaction.

Being the pillowy toy that it is, the doll is safe for the newest of newborns. No harsh buttons, zippers, or body parts. The face is embroidered and the doll has zero hard plastic. It is only soft and squishy.

Since the doll is thinner at the seams and joints, it’s better suited to gentle play.


  • Incredibly soft
  • No harsh material whatsoever
  • Cute and gentle expression


  • Not for rougher play

JC Toys Lil’ Hugs African American Pink Soft Body

JC Toys Lil’ Hugs African American Pink Soft Body, 12" JC Toys Lil’ Hugs African American Pink Soft Body, 12"
  • Has an entertaining built-in rattle.
  • The plastic head is not too hard.
  • Well-defined and cute face.
  • Ages 0+.

JC Toys’ Lil’ Hugs doll is a soft-body doll that’s designed for interactive play. With a built-in rattle in one hand and crinkly paper in the other, this doll will provide entertainment for babies as young as six months.

Although the face is plastic and displays a somewhat alarmed expression, it is still soft enough and will not cause babies any discomfort. The depth of the facial features allows babies to interact with the face and help them learn facial features.

Since the doll is simple, it may not suit toddlers who enjoy a bit more action in their playtime.


  • Built-in rattle
  • The plastic head is not too hard
  • Defined face


  • It may be boring for toddlers

Miniature Black Baby Dolls

There are also beautiful handmade black dolls out there. Here are some of the prettiest ones out there.

Mini Handmade Black Rag Doll

This gorgeous handmade miniature doll is the perfect addition to any dollhouse playset. The woolen hair mimics genuine curly locks, and the doll’s face is simple and adorable.

The doll is slightly larger than three inches long and requires dry-cleaning. It can be given to a child as young as three years old but should be handled responsibly as it is a small, handmade toy.

In addition to making a great household member for a dollhouse, its lightweight nature allows it to double as a sweet Christmas ornament.


  • Adorable
  • Perfect for dollhouses
  • Can be an ornament


  • Requires dry-cleaning
  • Should be handled with care

Personalized Rag Doll with Mini Animal Friend

This handmade rag doll comes in a lovely floral dress, fuzzy little shoes, and an adorable 5” stuffed bear. The bear also comes clad in a cute pink dress and can be customized with the letter of the owner’s name.

The main doll is 10 inches long, and both the doll and the bear friend have sweet facial expressions. The entire set exudes an old-fashioned gentleness and beauty.

Like many handmade items, it requires careful handling. The bear could easily be lost, so the set is better aimed at older toddlers and up.


  • Gorgeously handmade
  • It comes with a cute bear
  • Display-worthy


  • Should be handled with care
  • Bear could get lost

Mini Rag Doll, Handmade In USA

This handmade doll is also a rag doll, standing 10 inches tall with a beautifully detailed outfit. It has curly yarn for hair with decorative bows.

The costumes are quite remarkable, with handmade crocheted lace collars, eyelet stockings, and hand-sewn cotton dresses. The attire is removable for gentle washing or spot-cleaning.

The doll should be treated gently and not played with roughly. It makes a lovely display doll with its beauty and intricate design.


  • Curly yarn hair
  • Beautiful handmade outfit
  • Lots of detail


  • Requires gentle washing or spot-cleaning only
  • Should be handled delicately

Things to Consider When Buying Soft Baby Dolls

If you’re on the lookout for soft baby dolls, there are a few things to consider. 

Since soft selections are often for young children, you should check if the product is machine-washable. A well-loved item is bound to get dirty, and finding out it can only be dry-cleaned after it is too late is not ideal!

It is always preferable to find dolls made of soft materials. Fabrics such as polyester can be itchy. Cotton is a reliable choice.

Always check the recommended age level. Even if a doll is soft, it may not be durable for young children who often play rough. Handmade items almost always require gentle care.

That’s A Wrap!

Dolls are excellent toys and companions. Finding the ideal fit, whether because it resembles its owner or it just suits the owner best, can take some time and investigation. This list gives a wide range of dolls to choose from and will help you find the best black baby doll for any child (or grown-up collector).