16 Dolls With Big Eyes

Big eyes are cute and adorable, and they’ve become popular in dolls for all ages. We’ve compiled a list of 16 dolls with big eyes. Some do fun things, some include surprises, and others are just pretty.

But, we’re sure at least one of them will catch your eye. 

Best Overall Dolls With Big Eyes

It’s hard to choose just one favorite doll with big eyes, so here are our five favorites. 

Most Popular: LOL Surprise OMG Lights Groovy Babe Fashion Doll

LOL dolls never disappoint, but this one has wowed over 13,000 reviewers. The LOL Surprise OMG Lights Groovy Babe Fashion Doll not only comes with 15 surprises, but both the doll, her clothes, and all your surprises glow beautifully under a blacklight. Groovy Babe is one of four OMG Lights fashion dolls, and she is also Beatnik Babe’s sister. 

  • Includes 15 black-light-glowing surprises to unbox
  • Doll comes with gorgeous black and white fashion and fashion accessories that glow under a blacklight
  • Fashion accessories include shoes, hatbox, brush, garment bag, doll stand, and hanger
  • Packaging becomes a play space for the doll and slides open to reveal a colorized picture
  • Blacklight included

Best Value: Hairdorables Loves Trolls World Tour

Harmony’s rainbow-colored hair is “hairdorable,” and she is in love with Trolls. That’s why she has ten DreamWorks-Troll-World-Tour themed surprises inside the box with her. You’ll also love her rainbow-colored outfit, inspired by Poppy from the Troll World Tour movie. 

  • Includes a doll stand and signature card
  • Troll-themed surprises include three accessories (sunglasses, guitar, and rainbow flower barrette), four stickers, and fun shoes

Our Favorite: Baby Alive Baby Grows Up

This Baby Alive doesn’t stay a baby; she grows into a child in three phases. Will she grow up to be Shining Skylar or Star Dreamer? It’s a surprise who she’ll be–just like a real baby. But there are other surprises, too. What will her first word be? What color eyes and hair will she have? When will she get taller?

  • Grows from a baby to a toddler and then a big girl, starting at 4 inches (resettable for repeat play)
  • Says 75+ sounds and phrases (in both English and Spanish) and makes noises when you feed her
  • Sits up to say her first word
  • Grows taller
  • Hair grows longer
  • Includes surprise clothing for every age

Na Na Na Surprise Ultimate Surprise Rainbow Kitty

There’s no denying that the big-eyed Na Na Na dolls are charming. Piper Prim comes in a giant, fuzzy rainbow kitty carrying case and has so many surprises. Inflate two confetti-filled balloons and pop them to reveal all the surprises inside. Rainbow Kitty is fully poseable, and her clothing combines 100+ different ways.

  • Giant carrying case
  • Includes fuzzy rainbow- and kitty-themed clothing: a dress, jacket, top, skirt, sweatshirt, shoes, hat, and glasses.
  • Comes with a brush

EVA BJD Green Deer ⅓ BJD Doll

Nature lovers will adore the EVA BJD Green Deer ⅓ DJD Doll. She looks like she’s most at home in the forest. Her moss green hair is decorated with antlers, Amanita muscaria mushrooms, ladybugs, and pink roses. She has big blue eyes with sparkles underneath and a jewel in the middle. 

  • Moveable joints
  • Makeup and delicate white dress are handmade
  • Has apple and nature-inspired antler barrettes 
  • Clothes, shoes, hair, and eyes are replaceable.

More Popular Dolls With Big Eyes

We have eleven more big-eyed dolls to share with you. 

Baby Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise

Baby Born Surprise Magic Potty Surprise has more surprises than being able to eat and drink like a real toddler. When she poops, she also leaves a charm in the potty to place on an enclosed charm bracelet. 

  • Eats food and drinks water 
  • Pees glitter and poops surprise charms
  • Includes a charm bracelet for charms
  • Includes nine food packets, ten potty pods with charms, human-sized charm bracelet, potty, plate and spoon, cup, brush, and pacifier

Fsolis ⅙ BJD Doll

Fsolis’ ⅙ BJD Doll is incredibly customizable. She comes with four eye colors and five types of interchangeable hands. Choose a doll with either brown, gold, pink, or purple hair. Hair is interchangeable between dolls. The doll comes without clothes to be a canvas for your fashion and makeup styling designs. 

  • A string changes between four different eye colors.
  • Has 19 flexible joints that move 360° to accomplish various poses.
  • Includes five different ball-and-joint hand styles
  • Parts are exchangeable between similar dolls.

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Blonde Baby Doll Boy

This Baby Alive boy doll comes with a blender to make baby food. Just mix powdered doll food with water in the blender and feed him with his spoon. He also has a sippy cup to drink water. He then pees and poops into his diaper.

  • Includes a hand-crank blender for mixing doll food
  • Pees and poops doll food and water
  • Includes two diapers, comb, sippy cup, and spoon

Clever Boys 10 Inch BJD Dolls

You may have difficulty deciding between Amanda, Michelle, and Olina, but all of them are dainty and beautiful. Amanda comes with a Bohemian Cottagecore outfit that features a cute bunny. You can brush and style her wavy blonde hair. Michelle and Olina have dark brown hair instead but come in different clothing.

  • Has big brown eyes, soft lifelike hair, and curling eyelashes
  • Features 11 moving joints to achieve various poses
  • The outfit includes a dress, hat, shoes, and underwear.

Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Lil’ Shoppie-Isla Hibiscus

Shopkins fans love Shoppie dolls to help bring their Shopkins world alive. This Happy Places Rainbow Beach Lil’ Shoppie is named Isla Hibiscus. Isla is a tropical-themed Shoppie with adorable hibiscus-flower-themed hair, skirt, and shoes. Isla also includes a surprise Petkin accessory in the box with her.

  • Has removable hibiscus-themed clothing and purse to mix and match with other Shoppie dolls   
  • Comes with a surprise Petkin accessory

Na! Na! Na! Surprise 2-in-1 Fashion Doll and Plush Purse

Blow up the Na! Na! Na! Surprise balloon and pop it to enjoy a confetti surprise. Inside is a fuzzy panda coin purse that clips to your backpack. Inside the bag is a soft Na! Na! Na! Doll with a unique printed face and big brown eyes. Juli Joyful wears matching panda fashion that she can share with other dolls in the series.

  • Surprises arrive in a poppable balloon
  • Doll comes inside a panda-shaped backpack-clip coin purse
  • Hat, dress, and shoes interchange with other series dolls

BFF Bright Fairy Friends Doll

Have you ever imagined catching a fairy in a jar like a firefly? Open up the Bright Fairy Friends twinkling jar to reveal a magic Fairy Doll inside. Don’t worry; this jar is her home, and she doesn’t mind living inside. It also doubles as a nightlight. The fairy’s wings also light up when you press her necklace. 

  • Light up jar doubles as a fairy home and night light
  • Fairy’s wings light up when you press her necklace
  • Includes 4 surprise fairy accessories
  • Batteries are included for immediate fun 

L.O.L. Surprise Ooh La La Baby Surprise

The biggest surprise about this L.O.L. Lil Sister is how big she is. Unboxing your L.O.L. doll is always fun, but this time, you get a full-sized carrying purse to go with your giant doll. Lil Bon Bon has a seashell purse, Lil DJ has a boombox purse, and Lil Kitty Queen has a kitty purse.

  • Giant L.O.L. doll has a purse to pack away doll and accessories
  • Comes with a color-change lip gloss necklace, sunglasses, toy cellphone, pacifier, and sippy cup

Rainbow High Amaya Raine

One great thing about the Rainbow High dolls is that they come with a stand so you can display your doll. She’s fully articulated, so you can pose her any way you would like. Amaya Raine has two complete outfits, including a fashion outfit and a cheerleading outfit. She’s part of a whole rainbow-colored collection of dolls. 

  • Has a display stand and is fully poseable
  • Comes with a brush, two hangers, cheerleading outfit, hoodie, skirt, two shirts, two pairs of heels, and other fashionwear

Rainbow High Bella Parker

Bella Parker is a lovely fashion doll that comes with a display stand so that you can admire her even more. Everything about her is pink from head to toe except for her big lavender eyes. She has pink hair and fashions.

  • Two complete tweed, lace, and leather outfits, including a skirt, two jackets, shirt, dress, and two pairs of shoes
  • Comes with a display stand
  • Has two clothing hangers and a comb to style Bella’s hair

MGA Entertainment Na Na Na Surprise Teens Fashion Doll

It’s difficult to choose just one Na Na Na doll to feature when they’re just so cute. Rebel Dare has big, beautiful eyes and stands 11” tall. Rebel Dare’s look takes inspiration from her favorite animal, the Doberman pinscher dog. She’s all rebel, all rock and roll. 

  • Is dressed in a plaid leather jacket, black leather skirt, Doberman-eared hat, shirt, Doberman socks, and boots
  • Includes a brush for her long brown hair