The 16 Must-See 18 Inch Doll Accessory Sets of 2022

Finding accessories for 18-inch dolls is fairly easy since they’re so popular. But finding quality, unique products can be a challenge.

I’ve taken the time (with some help from my doll-loving daughter, of course) to sift through the sea of accessories and put together this curated list of my favorites accessories.

These accessories should fit most 18-inch dolls, including these popular brands:

  • American Girl dolls
  • My Life dolls
  • Our Generation dolls
  • Dollie and Me
  • What a Doll
  • Madame Alexandra
  • Springfield Collection
  • Hearts for Hearts dolls

Now, let’s get into it!

18-Inch Doll Accessories

American Girl 21-Piece Doll Clothes & Accessories

American Girl dolls and books launched in 1986 and their popularity has grown exponentially through the years. 

Many women who played with them as girls are now enjoying the new generation with their daughters. Adult collectors adore them too for their well-made, almost inexhaustible line of clothing and accessories. 

This set features 10 different looks with 21-pieces and accessories that are as contemporary and chic as the modern American girl.  

Standout Features

  • 10 complete looks with matching hair accessories, shoes, and underwear
  • Designed with the craftsmanship and built to last
  • It fits the American Girl Doll collection and other popular 18 inch dolls

Click n’ Play 9-Piece Doll Puppy Set & Accessories

Has your child been clamoring for a real-life puppy, but you’re not quite ready to commit? This precious pooch is zero maintenance, utterly adorable, and incredibly affordable. 

Train your kids how to take care of a dog through interactive play. The complete set comes with a scruffy puppy, a doggy carrier, bowl, brush, bone, ball, blanket, collar, and leash. 

Standout Features

  • Nine-piece complete set with puppy and accessories 
  • Incredible value and excellent price 
  • Much easier than a real puppy

Weardoll Doll Clothes & Accessories

For the budding fashionista, look no further than Weardoll’s mix and match clothing and accessories. Kids are mesmerized for hours with thirty-three clothing items and accessories. It’s a full wardrobe in one set

The complete set comes with a backpack that can fit the clothing and accessories, plus an 18-inch doll for playdates or clean-up and storage.

Standout Features

  • Thirty-three items vary from sophisticated, modern outfits to an umbrella, muffin, and ice cream cone.
  • Carry-all backpack for on-the-go playtime or storage
  • The clothes and accessories are incredibly well-made

Ecore Fun Doll Clothes & Sleeping Bag Set

This accessory set is so much fun! Unicorns may be imaginary creatures, but they have taken the world by storm! It seems like everywhere you turn, toys have a little more magic with golden horns and rainbow colors.

Prepare your child for their first sleepover with a full unicorn-themed, rainbow tie-dye sleep set for their doll! The set includes a multi-colored unicorn hoodie robe, slippers, eye mask, pillow, neck pillow, sleeping bag, and even a sleep mask for the child. Sweet dreams!

Standout Features

  • Prepare for your child’s first sleepover through dolly dreams play
  • Cool, trendy unicorn accessories for the doll and the kid
  • It makes bedtime rituals fun

Beverly Hills Doll Collection Complete 12-Piece Sports Set

Encourage your child to engage in athletic activity through play! The twelve-piece set contains a skateboard, scooter, and snowboard with all-important safety gear (boots, knee pads, goggles, and a helmet). 

All of the wheels spin and the elastic straps hold your doll securely. It even comes with a cool sticker sheet to personalize your doll’s accessories or your own sports gear.

Standout Features

  • It makes it fun to engage in sports and athletic activities 
  • Vibrant pink, purple, and yellow colors
  • Fashion meets function with sports gear that fits dolls well

ZITA ELEMENT Travel Luggage Play Set

Get geared up to travel like an international jet-setter without leaving your bedroom! This charming travel luggage play set by Zita Element comes with sixteen everyday travel items. 

The complete set includes a bright pink rolling carry-on suitcase, a fluffy neck pillow, one eye mask, sunglasses, a passport, a pair of plane tickets, a camera, and few bucks of play money.

And don’t forget today’s essential tech items! The set also has a cell phone, tablet, and laptop computer.

Standout Features

  • Everything your doll needs for a modern-day travel checklist 
  • Items work like real life (OK, not the laptop, tablet, or phone)
  • Teaches kids about travel and prepares them for trips 

Beverly Hills Doll Collection Salon Accessories

Recreate the atmosphere of an authentic beauty parlor in your own home, miniaturized for your favorite dolls to update their hairstyles.

Kids can mimic an upscale salon with Beverly Hills Doll Collection salon chair and seven hairstylist accessories, including a brush, curling iron, mirror, and a pair of scrunchies and barrettes. 

Standout Features

  • It comes with an apron for the hairdresser’s styling tools 
  • The salon chair has arms and is adjustable
  • Encourages understanding of various careers 

Ecore Fun Dolls Camping Tent Set & Accessories

Now you and your doll can stargaze and celebrate the adventure of the great outdoors while inside your home. 

Encore Fun Doll Camping Set has a dreamy, purple, and blue Milky Way-patterned sky sleeping bag and tent, along with a puppy on a leash, toy camera, and unicorn backpack. 

Standout Features

  • The tent is fully functional like a real camping tent
  • The toy camera has a flash and makes a shutter click sound like a pro camera
  • Prepares kids for their first camping trip or recreates beloved memories

Beverly Hills Doll Beach Set

Eternal Summer is here to stay! The beach set from Beverly Hills Doll is cool as a summer breeze and ensures your doll will sunbathe in style, even if it’s from the backyard. 

The complete beach babe set contains an orange and pink fringed bikini, chic sunglasses, a towel, cute sandals, a water bottle, lemonade drink, sunscreen bottle, and beach chair with an umbrella.

Standout Features

  • Simulates the full beach day experience
  • The detachable umbrella has a handle and can double for rainy days
  • Trendy styles and playful colors 

Sophia’s Warm Your Heart Doll Accessories Food Play Set

Warm your heart and fill your cup without making a mess! Sophia’s pink and red food accessories set comes with hot cocoa, cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, heart cookies, plates, and spoons for all your doll’s dessert desires.

It’s a sugary sweet way to throw a doll dessert date without covering the kitchen in flour and chocolate. Try adding a few treats to your next dolly tea party or pretend birthday. 

Standout Features

  • Hand-painted desserts
  • Designed in the USA
  • Mimics a dessert party experience 

DC-BEAUTIFUL Doctor Outfit Series

Playing doctor has never been more essential or fun! The DC-BEAUTIFUL Doctor Outfit Series features one set of doctor’s scrubs and protective clothing with six medical accessories. 

The authentic medical gear and tools are excellent for play simulation and demystifying what doctors and medical practitioners do. They fit all 18-inch dolls, including American Girl, Madame Alexander, My Life as a Doll, and more.  

Standout Features

  • A vital opportunity to teach a child about medical professionals through play
  • It fits 15-18 inch dolls from baby dolls to the American Girl style
  • Quality items, affordable price

ebuddy 6 Sets Doll Clothes Outfits

For the doll lover or collector looking for more versatility, ebuddy has six doll outfits that can fit both 15-inch New Born Baby Dolls and 18 inch American Girl Dolls or other dolls of those sizes.

The set features an overalls ensemble, pajamas, a bathing suit, and three sundresses in bright, happy colors. You can mix-and-match or swap clothes between baby dolls and your other dolls.

Standout Features

  • Excellent versatility 
  • Quality product at a fair price
  • Cute, joyful outfits

Leveret Kids Matching Doll & Girls Dress

Twins come in all sizes, so do the matching dresses for your child or toddler and their doll! These adorable outfits make kids feel closer to their doll in a kind of complementary sisterhood. 

The best part is that they come in multiple colors, styles, prints, and sizes range from 2-14 years. The twin sets make adorable photo ops and feel personalized to your doll and child.

Standout Features

  • The dresses are matching for the doll and child
  • All dresses are 100% cotton
  • Prints include animals like foxes, bears, and elephants

Etistta Shoes and Socks Set

Your doll will be the envy of every other and might need a walk-in closet to fit the beautiful shoes and socks collection by Etistta. 

The set features six pairs of shoes and two pairs of socks and includes footwear that resembles Mary Janes, Crocs, Doc Martens’ boots, and Uggs. It’s also got roller skates, sandals, slippers, and shoes with pandas and unicorns. 

Standout Features

  • Wonderful variety 
  • Styles that resemble famous brands
  • They feel like real shoes and socks

Journey Girls Outback 4-Wheel Vehicle

Hit the road with Journey Girls Outback four-wheeler! Just like a real Jeep, this pink and purple open-top vehicle can handle tough terrain, even if it’s just your driveway.

The Outback four-wheeler gives kids a sense of adventure as they imagine road trips across America and various activities. As a bonus, you can toss the beach or camping accessories in the back.

Standout Features

  • It fits two 18-inch dolls
  • Durable, well-built design 
  • Pretty pink and purple color

American Doll 20-Piece Sporty Clothes & Accessories Set

This set of clothing and accessories for American Girl, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, and other 18 inch dolls has 20 pieces that are spirited and sporty. 

The collection features full ensembles with interchangeable accessories like shoes (one dressy, one pair of sneakers), undergarments, hair bows, shin guards, and a hat. 

Little athletes get inspired by the soccer gear, yoga or gymnastic outfits, and cheerleading attire. Stylish girls will adore the pretty dresses, superb attention to detail, and attractive design.

Standout Features

  • Eight complete looks plus plenty of mix-and-match opportunities
  • The ensembles invoke by real-life activities and modern fashions
  • Perfect for a soccer player, cheerleader, or gymnast