18-Inch Doll Clothes – The Best Sets in 2022

Playing with dolls is an opportunity to learn and process life.

Changing doll clothes improves motor coordination and lets your child explore their imagination.

It helps to provide a selection of 18-inch doll clothes to encourage creative play, and we’ve got some of the best options available, including our top picks.

Best 18-inch Doll Clothes

Not sure where to start? Here are some our favorite doll clothes currently on the market:

ZITA ELEMENT 10-Outfit Set

There are some incredible collections on this list, but we just love this eclectic blend of colorful pieces. Unlike some of the other options, this set features a range of color combinations and styles, so there’s something for every child’s tastes. 

From the shamrock-themed swimsuit to the calypso-inspired top and pants, your child can imagine some incredible adventures. There’s even a sparkly dress and crown to make a princess out of any doll! 

SOTOGO 8-Outfit Set

It may not be as flashy as some of the other sets, but these outfits look cute, and your child can mix and match the various pieces. Three dresses, one jumper, four tops, three pairs of pants, and a swimsuit round out this versatile set.

You even get some accessories, though you need to provide your own doll shoes. However, your child can still have a variety of doll clothes without spending a fortune on individual pieces!

Weardoll Clothes & Accessories Set

We just cannot get over this set featuring 33 items! You can easily mix and match some of these pieces, and there are some truly unique components. These outfits scream style, and you even get a backpack to store everything in one place. 

Note that the packages exclude doll shoes, but each of the five outfits includes themed accessories to round out the looks. The rain set may be our favorite with a bright yellow raincoat, umbrella, soda, and hotdog! 

WYHTOYS Clothes and Accessories

Let your child get their dolls ready for summer with this adorable set of seven colorful outfits. Your child can create cute and trendy looks with this set featuring five dresses, two tops, three pairs of pants, a skirt, and additional accessories to complete each look! 

This set is one of the few that includes shoes, and you get two pairs that work with every outfit. Try the rainbow sundress or travel with the tropical set featuring a starfish purse!

ebuddy Summer Set

This 10-outfit collection takes a slightly different approach with a range of 80s meets modern attire. Try the sparkly pink dress and handbag for a special occasion or the pineapple romper for a picnic. 

We love that the tropical tank top works well with any of the bottoms. The only downside is that you don’t get any shoes with the set, and only a few outfits feature accessories.

K.T. Fancy Casual Set

Perhaps your child prefers casual attire that can travel. This set includes two tops, two pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, a donut-print swimsuit, and seven unique dresses. We like the retro-inspired pieces that add personality to the set.

You don’t get any shoes with this set, but it’s tough to complain about ten outfits and five accessories. Plus, you can mix and match the hair accessories and the wristband to create unique looks for any occasion. 

axxxt 11-piece Pink Set

Does your little one love to dress up in pinks? This set may make them happy with a range of pink-themed clothes, including frilly tutus and even some underwear! It’s mostly pastel pink, but the watermelon party dress is divine! 

Though the set doesn’t include shoes or many accessories, this unicorn-inspired set has plenty of frills and cuteness for a reasonable price. Plus, the adorable bunny leotard and tutu are precious!

Srua Don Sport Set

This adorable set features eight full outfits with two pairs of shoes and several accessories. Your child can have their doll cheer for the big game in the cheerleader outfit (pom-poms included!) or imitate playing goalie in the soccer ensemble. That’s not all; six more casual outfits round out this modern, edgy set, including a set of polka dot pajamas!

ebuddy Hermione-inspired Outfit

Do you have a magic fan on your hands? Though it’s not official to the franchise, this Hermione-inspired ensemble is sure to put your child in the mood for adventure and send them off to magic school in style.

Manage mischief and solve mysteries with the themed cloak, uniform, and accessories. This set even includes an intricate wand and detailed magic book that pay homage to the popular wizarding world!

WONDOLL 10-Outfit Set

For children seeking a little adventure, a little casual style, and even some party looks, this set may be the answer. The ten outfits include a holiday-patterned dress, two princess-inspired gowns, a mermaid, a tye-dyed robe, a swimsuit, and four more colorful ensembles. 

This eclectic set features a little something for everybody and a range of colorful styles to jump-start your child’s imagination. No shoes or accessories come with this package, but you get a wide range of looks.

Fairy Wings 12-Outfit Package

Fairy Wings created one of the largest, most unique sets on this list. Your child can easily mix and match many of the pieces in this set of twelve complete outfits. Bold reds and greens complement pastel blues and pinks to create various fun looks.

While it doesn’t include shoes, the set features a selection of accessories to round out the ensembles for some creative looks. We just love the flamingo ballerina outfit and the retro swimsuit ensemble!

Ecore Fun Unicorn Sleep set

Do you struggle with bedtime? It might help to let your child put their doll to bed in style with this unicorn-themed sleep set. This set includes everything your child’s doll needs for a luxurious night of sleep, and it might help you create a bedtime ritual that works!

Featuring a robe, slippers, sleeping bag, pillow, and more, this set appeals to unicorn lovers everywhere. We love the adorable pastel patterns and sleeping unicorn graphics. Plus, the neck pillow and eye mask are too cute.

BARWA 5-Outfit Set

Cuteness abounds in this eclectic package featuring five unique outfits. Start with the zig-zag patterned sundress, then swap it out for a glamorous hot pink number. Pair the leggings with the sports dress or the tunic top. 

You also receive accessories, a randomly selected dress, and two random pairs of shoes that complement the collection. Since some of the outfits feature two pieces, you can easily mix and match other tops and bottoms you already own.

The New York Doll Collection Winter Wear Set

You don’t have to live in New York to appreciate these cute winter coats. The five doll coats can keep your child’s doll looking warm and cozy in the rain, sleet, or snow! 

It’s no secret that kids don’t always like wearing coats, but things may go easier if their doll has to wear one too. This set could be fun for kids in any climate, and as they learn about the different seasons. Plus, the yellow rain jacket is so cute!

Ecore Fun Casual Wear Set

Sometimes it helps to have a stylish pack to store all of your doll clothes in, and this set delivers. Mix and match the tops and bottoms, then top it off with a coat. The color scheme is neutral enough to switch things up but colorful enough to be fun.

The adorably sparkly backpack fits all four outfits and accessories, making travel easy for your child and their doll. Even better, this set features some jackets and a pair of winter-style boots!

ZITA ELEMENT Professions Set

Help your child explore some influential professions with this four-outfit set. The nineteen-piece collection includes a karate ensemble, flight attendant’s uniform, doctor’s scrubs, and chef’s outfit. It could be tough to mix and match, but these outfits could introduce your child to their future career!

While you don’t get shoes, you do get some accessories. We absolutely love the doctor outfit, including a scrub cap and booties, a white jacket, and a face mask!

Related Questions

Still have questions? Here’s everything else you need to know. 

What size clothes does an 18-inch doll wear?

Technically, 18-inch dolls wear the same size as an average newborn baby. While you could pick up newborn clothes for your child’s doll, it may not be exactly what they want.

However, it’s something to keep in mind in a pinch. Look for preemie or newborn clothes with a weight range of five to eight pounds.

What are the sizes of American Girl dolls?

Most American Girl dolls are 18 inches with a 10.5-inch waist and 6-inch inseam. However, over the years, American Girl did create additional lines with dolls of different sizes. 

  • Bitty Baby is a 15-inch baby doll with infant-like features.
  • Angelina Ballerina dolls were smaller at 10 inches.
  • Though they didn’t last long, the Girls of Many Lands series featured 9-inch dolls.
  • WellieWishers, a five doll set, features 14.5-inch dolls that resemble younger versions of American Girl dolls.  

How big are Our Generation dolls?

Our Generation dolls are 18 inches tall. All of their dolls can wear any 18-inch doll clothes and accessories.