Baby Alive 101: All Your Questions Answered

Baby dolls have gotten a lot cuter since your mom or grandmother played with them. Plus, they are even more functional. 

Baby Alive dolls first appeared in the 1970s then were reenvisioned and updated by Hasbro in the early 2000s.

Now Baby Alive is back and more precious and engaging than ever! 

They have movable mouths and can eat, drink, bathe, pee, and poop too! Baby Alive dolls act like real babies but are much lower-maintenance. 

Is There a Baby Alive That Grows? 

Yes! Baby Alive Grows Up transforms before your child’s eyes. Everything is a mystery waiting for discovery! Even her hair and eye color are concealed until she receives her first bottle.


Watch in wonder as she grows a full four inches and her hair lengthens. When she gets taller, swap her infant clothes for cute toddler-worthy ensembles.

Baby Alive Grows Up comes with eight accessories for oodles of interactive play opportunities. She utters over 75 sounds from gurgles to her first word, then phrases (in English or Spanish). 

Each Baby Alive Grows Up contains a surprise doll option:

Which Baby Alive Is the Best? 

Baby Alive comes in various themes and unique features.

A few of the most popular dolls are:

This Baby Alive doll is ready for a taste of the tropics – she’s even wearing an island-themed outfit! And her pal is as sweet as a strawberry milkshake in a lovely fruit-patterned dress. 

Once fed, your Baby Alive Magical Mixer or Super Snacks Snackin’ doll pees and poops then needs a diaper change, just like a real child. 

Which Baby Alive Dolls Talk? 

Not all Baby Alive dolls talk, but the dolls who can are regular chatterboxes!

Here are a few of the top talkers:

Baby Alive Step N’ Giggle sports a summery ensemble and shoes that light up with every step, making her squeal with joy. She utters over 25 sounds and phrases in English or Spanish, and is adjustable to “Mommy” or “Daddy” settings so little girls and boys will both enjoy it.]


Baby Alive Hungry Baby is ready for mealtime, and she’s not afraid to show it! She’s got 50 sounds and phrases to let you know she’s hungry, happy, or ready for more. Hungry Baby meals can be messy, but she’s got a bib, feeding tray, and other accessories to help.


Baby Alive Grows Up and Baby Alive Real as Can Be also talk.

What Does Baby Alive “Real As Can Be” Do? 

Baby Alive Real as Can Be makes a child feel like they’ve got a real live baby in their arms. It’s a beautiful way to get a child prepared to greet a newborn sibling and a fun, immersive role-playing teaching tool.

Baby Alive – Real As Can Be Baby Doll Baby Alive – Real As Can Be Baby Doll

Real As Can Be Baby has 80+ lifelike expressions, movements and real baby sounds like giggling, babbling and friendly, chatty noises. When kids talk to the baby she babbles back <3

Real as Can Be babies have 80 incredibly lifelike expressions, including sounds, movements, and reactive responses when you call her name or if she is fed, rocked, tickled, or cuddled. 

She’s also got a bunch of child care necessities such as a pacifier, bottle with disappearing milk, blanket, and baby clothes.

Does Baby Alive Eat? 

Baby Alive dolls eat a safe, non-toxic powder packet that turns to liquid when mixed with water (check it out here). It never expires but is meant for the dolls only and not for human consumption. 

Kids have fun preparing the mix in a bowl or one of the doll’s accessories like they would for a real baby. Note that not all Baby Alive dolls eat. 

What is Baby Alive Food Made Of? 

The food packets for Baby Alive dolls are a colored powdered mix that is non-toxic but that humans should not eat, and it may contain wheat. You can make your own blend by mixing baking soda, cornstarch, and a couple of drops of food coloring into a few tablespoons of water. 

Can They Eat Real Food? 

No. Baby Alive food packets are custom designed to work with your doll so that she can function properly (including peeing and pooping) and her system stays clean. Real food could damage the doll and is not recommended.

Can Baby Alive Drink Water? 

Yes. Baby Alive dolls love to stay hydrated! Giving your doll water is one of the best ways to ensure her functions run smoothly (including peeing, so have those diapers ready to go) and is clean. 

When feeding your Baby Alive with the blended and liquified food mix packets, be sure to give her a gulp of water between each bite. That will keep her insides clean and help her go to the bathroom better. 

Can All Baby Alive Dolls Pee and Poop? 

Many of the Baby Alive dolls have the iconic diaper change feature to stimulate the real experience, but not all of them. The dolls that eat and come with diaper accessories do.

Baby Alive dolls have a remarkably innovative system to mimic a real baby’s function, which is why they cannot ingest human food. The pretend pee and poop show up on the play diaper like magic after feeding.

Do Baby Alive Dolls Cry? 

Not all Baby Alive dolls cry, but many do as part of the immersive play experience that tells the child they need attention. A few of the Baby Alive dolls designed to cry are:

Baby Alive Sweet Tears is going for a doctor’s visit and is a little scared. She shares sounds and emotions as children interact with her using health check-up accessories like a stethoscope and thermometer. Her nose lights up like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer when she’s sick.

Baby Alive Lil Sounds makes ten baby noises, including crying, giggling, babbling, hiccupping, and yawning. She comes with a pacifier to calm her down and is available as a blonde or African-American child.

Can Baby Alive Go in the Water? 

Not really. Baby Alive dolls are not made to take a bath. They are made from durable materials but have a delicate system, especially those with various functions such as talking. 

Clothes are machine washable, but doll accessories should be hand washed. You can clean your Baby Alive doll with a damp cloth (do not scrub) and clear out the internal system by feeding her water to drink, but do not submerge Baby Alive in water.

What Age Is Baby Alive for? 

The dolls are suitable for kids ages three and up but are also beloved by older children who enjoy an authentic experience when playing mommy. 

Baby Alive dolls are highly interactive, so they provide hours of playtime for children alone or with playmates. 

They are also superb for teaching kids about baby care and are great for kids about to welcome a new sibling into the household. 

How Much are Baby Alive Dolls? 

The cost of Baby Alive dolls can vary greatly depending on the complexity of their functions, design, abilities, and accessories. There’s a good price range for any baby doll budget.

You can purchase simpler dolls for around $20-$25, some as low as $15. But the Baby Alive dolls with the most features like Baby Grows Up cost between $50-$70 and Real As Can Be are as much as $100.

Baby Alive – Real As Can Be Baby Doll Baby Alive – Real As Can Be Baby Doll

Real As Can Be Baby has 80+ lifelike expressions, movements and real baby sounds like giggling, babbling and friendly, chatty noises. When kids talk to the baby she babbles back <3