20 Best Baby Doll Strollers (Single and Double Strollers!)

Playing with baby dolls is a part of almost any child’s life, but finding the right, long-lasting accessories can be difficult.

We’ve put together a list of the 15 best baby doll strollers on the market today.

Top 15 Baby Doll Strollers

It’s playtime! Here is a curated list of the five best overall baby strollers, including some toy sets and one gender-neutral collection.

1. “My First Doll Stroller” Folding Stroller with Basket & Heart Design

One of our most popular baby doll strollers here is a beloved Valentine-themed carriage for her and her doll babes. With a retractable canopy and an attached lower basket, your daughter or niece will love the extra storage space and convenience of this toy stroller.

It’s also designed by premier toy brand, The New York Doll Collection, so you’ll be more comfortable knowing the four double-wheeled legs are highly stable and that its materials are of the highest quality.

  • Foldable stroller for easy storage
  • Durable leg stands with wheels for a long-lasting playdate
  • Retractable canopy cover and basket for some realistic fun

2. Precious Toys Pink & White Polka Dots Foldable Doll Stroller

One of the most affordable baby strollers on our list is this polka-dotted pink carriage that nearly every little girl dreams of. With the standard four wheeled-legs, the toy stroller provides enough stability for your little one to push around.

Precious Toys is also highly rated for its premium quality and heavily-regulated testing to ensure all toys are children-friendly. So, let your daughter explore her inner motherly instincts with this affordable and functional doll stroller.

  • Lead-free materials for safe handling
  • Foldable stroller for easy storage
  • Includes basket extra storage

3. 4-Piece Baby Doll Play Set by fash n kolor

Get your little girl ready for a full day of fun-filled family time! With this wow-ing (and bubbly pink) set of 5 individual toy pieces, she can achieve all her wildest childhood dreams. When brunching, her doll can be next to her on its own high chair.

When out and about, she’ll easily strap her friend to either the included stroller or doll car-seat. As if it’s the sister she’s always wanted, her best friend will sleep next to her every night in its own provided crib. Talk about family bonding!

  • Colorful design to make playtime more fun
  • Set of 5 individual doll accessories 
  • Small compartment spaces and basket for extra storage

4. Baby Alive Doll Stroller with Retractable Canopy

This next one is quite simple yet highly functional. Rated also as an Amazon’s Choice, we couldn’t agree more with the fact that this Baby Alive doll accessory does grant your child everything she needs – all at an unbeatable price.

If your princess doesn’t need much and finds a one-seat stroller doable, then this toy with a retractable canopy will do the trick. Unlike other doll strollers, this one can also fit bigger dolls, such as those 24 inches tall. Not to mention, she’ll rock out its floral patterns!

  • Basket and retractable canopy for a realistic playdate
  • Eye-catching pink floral prints to entertain friends
  • Budget-friendly doll stroller

5.  Melissa & Doug Play Wooden Stroller

Who says only girls can have doll strollers? Check out this gender-inclusive mini carriage for both him and her! Compared to your standard doll stroller that’s usually made of plastic, this wooden toy baby stroller makes for great indoor playtime.

It contains non-skid wheels, leaving tile or wooden floors unscathed. While he learns to set up the doll stroller with a mini screwdriver, she can have her own and play teatime using the toy stroller’s table.

  • Wooden doll stroller that both boys and girls can use
  • Non-skid wheels to leave your floors unscratched 
  • Quick and easy assembly 

6. Badger Basket English Style 3-in-1 Doll Pram, Carrier, and Stroller 

Bring back the old centuries with this classy British-style toy carriage! Doll brand, Badger Basket, can make any girl feel proud to own one of its collections. In particular, this doll stroller features a convertible all-in-one pram, meaning it can become a doll bed, convert to a single stroller, or to a bigger stroller with a canopy.

In either navy or white, its stylish design makes it a great way to show off to her friends. Plus, American-Girl dolls can easily fit here.

  • Multi-functional for enhancing the childhood experience
  • English-style design for an elegant feel
  • Sturdy double wheels to easily push around 

7. TRIOKID My First Kids Toy Wagon for Doll

We’ve decided to change it up a bit on this next one. Rather than being your average doll stroller, this is more of a toy wagon that suits either him or her. It’s also highly portable since the wagon is lightweight, making it easy for any age to lug around.

Not to mention, those wheels are surely made for walking. So, while your kid enjoys their purse on wheels, you can rest assured knowing the materials are certified to be hazard-free.

  • OEKO-TEX certified supplier for ensuring safe toys
  • Small and lightweight wagon to easily transport around
  • Stylish soft-blue design to suit both boys and girls

8.  Step2 Love and Care Doll Stroller Toy, Off White/Pink

If your little girl really craves a true toy design, then this doll stroller by Step2 Love will fulfill all playtime fantasies. With a plastic basket and thick base stand, the design is purely functional and your daughter can fit in any standard-size doll.

On top of that, there’s a small cart-bed underneath the basket to fit the doll’s group of miniature friends and families. With little to no assembly required, you’ll be even less worried about scratched-up floors due to its plastic wheels.

  • Ideal for indoor playtime 
  • Non-skid wheels to safely play on any floor surfaces
  • Included basket for easy storage

9. DREAM COLLECTION 12″ Baby Doll Care Gift Set with Stroller

No joke about this next toy collection as being a dream come true for your little princess! This baby doll stroller comes in a 7-piece set, including a new doll friend for her. If your child doesn’t have her own doll already or needs a new replacement, then this is the perfect set.

You wouldn’t have to worry about separately buying other accessories on top of that because the set also includes a handbag and pieces of doll clothing. So, everyone gets to have their dreams fulfilled.

  • Set of 7 doll pieces, including a new doll (12 inches)
  • Includes doll clothing and extra accessories
  • Standard and functional doll stroller included

10. Manhattan Toy Stella Collection Baby Doll Buggy

Want to make your baby girl even happier? Gift her with this stylish baby doll buggy! With a heavy-hooded canopy, she will feel a true motherly bond with her doll friend because the toy stroller looks like the classic baby stroller right out of a vintage magazine.

Not to mention, the toy carriage is made to fit different doll sizes, from 12-inches to 15-inches, while the bassinet is removable to freely carry the doll around. Your little girl will surely develop her motherly instincts faster than you can expect!

  • A removable bassinet to conveniently transport doll around
  • Fits small to large dolls
  • Durable double wheels to push anywhere

11. Click N’ Play Set of 6 Mini 5″ Baby Girl Dolls with Accessories

Does your child not already have her own doll collection yet? Does she want more than one best friend? Then, ‘click n’ play’ on this set of six different girl dolls, each with its own accessories.

It’s a sure way to expand your family because each of these 5-inch dolls comes decorated in different clothing and are either propped in a mini stroller, car seat, bathtub – you name it!

All for a relatively affordable value, your little girl will cry with joy when she sees this miniature bundle of fun.

  • Set of 6 miniature dolls, each with different accessories
  • Dolls’ heads are turnable
  • Safety-tested materials

12. The New York Doll Collection Heart Printed Doll Bassinet Stroller with Travel Carry Bag

Does your baby girl love red or heart-printed patterns? Then consider this 3-in-1 doll stroller by The New York Doll Collection brand again! With everything she needs for her playdate, she can cradle the doll in its own portable carrier cot, put it to sleep in a bassinet-style stroller, or prop up her pal to sit in the stroller and push around.

Plus, dolls up to 18-inches, such as the traditional American Girl dolls, can find their new home in this toy carriage. It’s all too adorable! The other girls at school will be begging their own mommies to be like your daughter.

  • 3-in-1 baby doll stroller
  • Fun red design with heart patterns
  • Made to fit 18-inch dolls

13. Hauck 21-Piece Doll Care Set with Stroller And More

Looking to really train your little one into becoming a great parent like you? Then, check out this 21-piece doll set! From a mini crib to a high-raised dining chair, and more, she will never leave her friend out of sight!

She can playfully feed her friend at dinner time with the included toy utensils, or groom the doll with a pretend-diaper handbag and doll brush. So, while you do your own thing, you’ll know your child will be happily engulfed in their own world in the other room.

  • 17-piece doll set, including stroller
  • Foldable mini stroller 
  • Colorful polka-dot design

14. Adora Baby Doll Stroller – Twinkle Stars Umbrella Stroller

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If pink has become too much for you, then consider this next best baby doll stroller that comes in a neutral gray color. Its standard features make it purely functional for both dolls and stuffed animals to be pushed around.

Also, if she makes accidental spills on the stroller seat, you can easily remove it as it is machine-washable. So, another relatively low price baby doll stroller, you will definitely encourage her learning and growth.

  • Neutral-color cloud and star design
  • Secured double wheels and seat belt
  • Machine-washable

15. My First Doll Stroller Denim for Baby Doll

Give your ‘little mommy’ a more realistic taste of parenting with this denim-design doll stroller. With complete standard features, such as double wheels and a hooded canopy, your little girl will enjoy all that is needed to be her own adult.

The toy carriage also comes with a convenient low-hanging basket to store extra doll accessories and a secure seat belt for the doll’s every ride. Plus, above-standard-size dolls can fit into this stroller.

  • Unique denim material
  • Highly stable legs with wheels
  • Canopy cover and basket included

Top 5 Double Baby Doll Strollers

Does your little girl like to have more than one baby of her own? Maybe a full house, if she could? Well, while she can keep dreaming, you can help her halfway by considering double baby strollers:

1.  Joovy Toy Caboose, Double Doll Stroller

If you saw the Joovy Toy Caboose doll stroller, you’d had wished you owned one when your daughter was still a newborn. This deluxe toy carriage is very much like the real thing; it’s got double front seats with secure harnessing and a footrest.

Your daughter is practically raising twins! Plus, it’s likely to be almost as tall as her.  And who doesn’t love a good shade from the sun? After seeing this, I kinda don’t mind being pushed around in these – if it was my size.

  • Relatively large doll stroller  
  • Realistic features like the canopy cover and seatbelt
  • A two-seater to share with other doll friends

2. Olivia’s Little World – Polka Dots Princess Baby Doll Twin Jogging Stroller

I don’t think we can get enough of ‘pretty in pink’ here – or, at least, not with your daughters and nieces. Another durable pick of the litter but by premium toy brand Olivia’s Little World is this toy stroller with real-life designs, such as an iron frame, retractable canopy, and oh lord – linen material that’s washable.

Talk about over-obsessed, huh Olivia?  The brand is highly rated by many mommies and daddies but features a more high-end price tag.

  • Just enough pink for your princess
  • Washable fabric 
  • As real as it gets (too real if you ask me)

3. Badger Basket Folding Double Doll Umbrella Stroller

Just like real baby double strollers, two-seat baby doll thrones are just as equally pricey. However, for the proud mothers and fathers, we’ve found you the most budget-friendly one on this list.

Yet again, pink. Sorry, man-of-the-house but get used to it as your diva prances around with this straightforward doll stroller design. It might be wider than usual and take up some space, such as squeezing in elevators or cars, but if it makes your baby girl happy then who cares! And she might just whisper to you that you’re the favorite parent.

  • First-class with front-row seatings (not Economy and no backseat)
  • Relatively affordable for a double doll stroller
  • Open to dolls of all sizes and shapes

4.  Deluxe Double Jogger Doll Twin Stroller


At this point, I think it’s safe to say that your real toddler might, eventually, mistaken this next baby doll stroller to be his or her own. Just when the reality couldn’t be replicated any further, this ‘fake’ stroller is nearly the size of your Golden Retriever and can feet 18-inch dolls – and possibly your smallest pooch!

However, you’ll notice the price mark on this one is relatively high, but given its thoughtful design, it might be best in its value. You’ve got some durable large wheels for a long-lasting push (lucky, dolls), a larger-than-usual basket, and did we mention it’s simply black (with of course a splash of pink)?

  • Large stroller wheels (7 inches)
  • Durable handle and fabric material
  • Extra storage space

5. Badger Basket Triple Doll Stroller

Oh, baby! Here we go – although we want to keep the family gathering to a minimum with double baby doll strollers, we couldn’t help to add in this triple deluxe stroller! Surprise! Who doesn’t want triplets? Well, okay, maybe just your little girl.

But with the triple space, this doll stroller can take up to three 18-inch dolls, or a handful of miniature ones! Featuring also a canopy, seat belts, footrest, and (yep, you guessed it) pink-polka-dot prints, your sweet darling will love you for the rest of time (and maybe never even move out later on). And if we had to pinpoint at least one fatal flaw? It’d be the fact that she’ll want quadruplets next.

  • Triple-seaters (yep, that’s right)
  • A bright puke of pink and white all over
  • Foldable stroller