Furniture For 18-Inch Dolls | Bring Playtime To Life!

This list features some of the most popular furniture for 18-inch and smaller dolls. 18-inch doll furniture is the perfect size for popular dolls like:

  • American Girl Dolls
  • Maplelea Dolls
  • Journey Girls
  • Our Generation Dolls
  • Hearts for Hearts Girls
  • Springfield Collection Dolls

My daughter approves this list and your little doll lover will, too.

Can’t-Miss” 18-Inch Doll Furniture List 

Every doll needs a place to relax at the end of the day and on weekends. This wooden sofa and coffee table set comes with all sorts of fun accessories for pretend play. Dolls can watch tv, change the channel with the remote, use their cell phone or tablet, read magazines, and have tea. With a sofa and bean bag, a total of 3 dolls to take it easy at the end of the day. 

Does your kid’s doll need a place to lounge in the sun and not get a sunburn? Kick-off your doll shoes and put on some sunglasses to lounge by the pool, playset, or in the sandbox. Both indoor and outdoor fun is right around the corner with this premium, handmade doll lounge set. 

The set comes with a reclining lounge set and a table for refreshments. The lounge chair has a comfy cushion and a canopy that raises up and down to protect against the sun’s rays.

Whether your kid’s 18-inch doll goes camping indoors, in the backyard, or on a real camping adventure, this set is sure to please. It features a working light-up tent and sleeping bag. The tent and sleeping bag feature a galaxy print material that looks like the night sky. Dolls don’t have to camp alone because the tent sleeps four dolls. 

The camping set comes with a backpack, camera, and toy dog on a leash to enhance the camping experience. The camera makes real shutter sounds and camera flashes. You’ll be happy to learn that a real campfire is not included. 

If your kid has a sizable clothing collection for their 18-inch doll, this is sure to be a favorite. This wooden armoire will give them a place to hang all their doll clothes. Your child will love the butterfly design element.

The armoire comes with five hangers, and you can purchase more hangers separately. There’s also room at the bottom of the closet to store other accessories like shoes and handbags. 

Your child will love having a doll bedroom inside their bedroom. Their doll can even have the same routine as your child. This bedroom set includes a bed, dresser, shelf, and hat rack. Accessories include pillows, a mattress, sheets, and a table lamp. 

Not only is this set fun for play, but it serves a functional purpose as well. The shelf offers plenty of space to store shoes or other accessories. It also has two shelf doors for storing clothing or items. The coat rack allows clothing and purses to hang tidily.

Are you looking for a doll bedroom set that’s not pink? This set features lots of pretty non-pink colors. Melissa & Doug have paid so much attention to detail that your kid will probably want a real bunk bed to match. 

Dolls can lay in the two beds side by side, or you can stack the beds on top of each other to make bunk beds. If you order more sets, you can stack beds even higher in multiples of two. The bed comes with two mattresses, two heart-printed sheets, two pillows, and a ladder. 

Why choose an ordinary bed or bunk bed when there’s one that will fit three dolls? This bunk bed with loft and trundle is perfect for sister dolls or sleepover dolls. Each of the three beds comes with a mattress, sheet, and pillow in a bright paisley print. The bunk bed also features two built-ins: a closet to hang clothes (including four hangers) and a desk. 

Dolls can interact with an included chair, loft ladder, desk lamp, picture frame, and laptop computer.

Whether it’s a day at a real or pretend beach or pool, your kid’s doll will lounge in style. The set includes a wooden lounge chair with a chair pad and a small side table with an attached collapsible umbrella.  

You might consider completing the set with a lemonade playset for the ultimate waterside experience. 

Rub A-dub-dub. Your doll’s got a tub. And it’s fancy! Your doll can slip into the pretend water and relax in a freestanding soaking tub that makes real water sounds. The bathing experience includes a rubber ducky, a bath brush, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, bath tray, foot cream, bath salts, foot pumice, and a bath mat. Beware; your child may demand a bath experience similar to their doll’s. 

The tub comes with 3 AA batteries so your child can enjoy all the features right out of the box.

A table and chairs aren’t just for tea parties. Dolls can enjoy meals, art, school, and other types of imaginative play with their table and chairs set. When your child adds other accessories like play food, art supplies, or books, anything could happen at this table. 

This durable, classic set is white with a stylish design. It has an easy-clean finish and features sturdy construction. 

This more modern take on the idea of a table and chair set includes clear glam-pink chairs and a sleek shiny white table. This set is perfect for morning coffee, fancy brunch, and a night in with friends. 

The set comes with two stylish vases that can hold real or fake flowers. It also has two place settings that include sophisticated placemats and fancy flower napkin rings that hold a napkin, spoon, knife, and fork.

Little kids dream about when they’re finally old enough for high school, and sending their doll to high school is the next best thing. This school locker looks realistic and gets bonus points because it comes in purple. 

The locker has a shelf to store accessories and five hangers for clothing storage. It comes with a magnetic mirror, butterfly magnets, and name card to personalize the locker space. This set also comes with a working lock and key to help keep out prying eyes.

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was style my dolls’ hair. And this would have been the perfect place to do it. Beverly Hills provides a great experience with this set. It has accessories for the doll getting a haircut and accessories for the doll giving the haircut. 

This salon chair comes with an apron, cape, brush, mirror, curling iron, barrettes, and ponytail holders. The chair raises up and down and reclines with multiple leg positions. A seat strap secures the doll so that it doesn’t fall out during the styling session.

Some dolls aren’t ready for big kid play yet. Your kid is going to love to parent their 18-inch baby dolls and keep them safe in their very own matching pack-n-play, high chair, and bouncy chair. 

All the pieces have the same red cloth with white hearts. The seatbelts keep the dolls secure so that they don’t fall out. The bouncer rocks and the high chair folds down for storage.

18-inch dolls love cooking and baking, so they need a kitchen. This kitchen features lights and sounds and has everything needed to whip up a fancy pretend meal. It has a sink, microwave, stovetop, oven, and counter space.  

Accessories include a teapot, two teacups, two saucers, cake stand, frying pan, pot, cupcakes, cupcake pan, canister, and cooking utensils. The baker’s clothing pictured with the set is sold separately.

This kitchen is a little more complex and includes over 100 accessories. Not only does it have a microwave, sink, oven, and range top, but it also includes a dishwasher, cabinets, and a refrigerator. Dolls can prepare nearly anything in their kitchen with a mixer, mixing bowl, measuring cups and spoons, utensils, and baking trays.

The set includes food items and comes with a real cupcake recipe. 

Dolls can dress up for baking with the included apron and chef hat. An oven mitt will ensure plastic doll hands don’t experience too many pretend burns.