8 Best Reborn Toddler Dolls of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Taking care of baby dolls is such an effective way to develop the social and cognitive skills of children. It also helps encourage their imagination, empathy, and language.

But when it comes to reborn dolls, it’s not just ‘child’s play’.

Adults too enjoy reborn dolls for both collecting and role-playing alike.

Today, we’re reviewing the 8 best reborn toddler dolls on the market, as well as sharing a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Best Reborn Toddler Dolls – Girls

1. CHAREX Realistic Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

CHAREX Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls, 18" CHAREX Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls, 18"
  • Brown Eyes, Beautiful hair, hand-painted details, and hand-applied eyelashes.
  • Includes a feeding bottle, magnetic pacifier, birth certificate, and her cute giraffe friend.

Kicking off our list with a widely popular candidate, this realistic reborn toddler girl doll from CHAREX measures 18 inches from head to toe and weighs 3.3 pounds, so it feels like a newborn when carried.

Made out of soft silicone vinyl at the head and ¾ of the arms and legs, this toddler girl doll has a softness that makes her feel so real to cuddle with. From warm brown eyes and beautiful brown hair to hand-painted details and hand-applied eyelashes, all her features are very delicate.

This CHAREX reborn toddler girl is crafted by hand to offer an extraordinarily lifelike experience with soft skin and a weighted cloth body to maximize the realistic feel. She’s dressed in an adorable 10-piece ensemble that consists of a fuzzy pink hoodie vest (buttoned, not zippered), onesie, pants, hat, socks, and matching shoes.

This reborn toddler doll also comes with a feeding bottle, a magnetic pacifier, a birth certificate, and a cute pink giraffe buddy. She makes for a great gift for collectors or kids 3 years old and up.

The CHAREX reborn toddler doll utilizes eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and complies with the safety standards of ASTM F963 and EN71.


  • Wears a real dipper under the onesie
  • Has a pleasant smell
  • Comes with a stuffed giraffe


  • Doesn’t sit up on its own

2. Aori Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

Aori Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll (Pink Outfit), 22" Aori Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll (Pink Outfit), 22"
  • Soft weighted body gives her a real baby feel.
  • Fits into newborn size 0-3 month baby clothes.
  • Recommended for ages 3+.

Another highly-rated candidate is the Aori reborn toddler girl doll, measuring at 22 inches from head to toe and weighing about 3.4 pounds. Her body’s weight and dimensions allow for a real baby feel and makes it easy for little hands to carry her everywhere.

She can fit into newborn size (0-3 months) baby clothes, so you can change her look without any issues. She already comes dressed in a pretty white dress with pink detailing, a pink sweater with hand-stitched flowers, and cute shoes with a ruffle.

What’s more, this reborn toddler features hand-applied blue eyes, a handmade flaxen wig hair, and hand-painted fingernails. Her hands and feet have a light blush and her arms and legs are poseable.

The lifelike expression will have your kids feeling like they’re playing with real friends, while the plush sleeping bunny makes for another buddy. Additionally, the Aori reborn doll includes a magnetic pacifier and a bottle to widen the playing scenarios.

A terrific choice for kids older than 3 years, collectors, and even Alzheimer’s patients, this reborn toddler doll meets the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71.

The doll’s head and 3/4 of her arms and legs are made out of soft vinyl while the body is stuffed with PP cotton and glass beads. You’ll also find a birth certificate and a blanket included.


  • A very sweet expression
  • Outstanding quality for the price point
  • Impressive weight


  • The arms may pop off with time

3. NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Girl Doll (Blonde Hair), 24" NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Girl Doll (Blonde Hair), 24"
  • This cute lifelike toddler doll can sit and lay down thanks to her movable limbs.
  • She fits into toddlers size clothes.
  • Weighs 2.6-3.5lbs.

If you’re looking for a premium-quality reborn toddler girl doll, then this one from NPK may be exactly what you need. She’s handmade with a hypnotizing look and an innocent expression.

You’ll get a truly realistic vibe from her at the first glance. Her delicate face coupled with adorable tiny hands and feet contribute to the feel of a real toddler.

Her head and 3/4 of her limbs are made out of silicone vinyl, while her body is stuffed PP cotton. She measures 24 inches long and weighs between 2.6 to 3.5 pounds.

This weighted toddler doll looks like a girl, but the body has no gender. Moreover, it can’t bathe in water. Her eyes are high-quality acrylic, looking quite realistic but unable to blink, and her hair is a soft fiber wig.

Ideal for kids aged 3 years and older, the NPK toddler doll can sit and lay down and the limbs are movable. She can fit into toddler size baby clothes and adheres to the ASTM F963 and EN71 safety standards.


  • Very realistic
  • Good quality clothing
  • Larger size


  • May arrive with too big hands

4. Kaydora Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

Kaydora Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl Doll, 18" Kaydora Lifelike Reborn Toddler Girl Doll, 18"

She has handset eyes, eyelashes, and realistic wig hair. Her hand-painted details, wrinkled little fingers, and 3/4 movable vinyl arms and legs allow you to pose her and add to the realism.

The Kaydora reborn toddler girl doll features hand-set eyes and eyelashes. Additionally, she has hand-applied soft wig hair, hand-painted details, and wrinkled little fingers, all of which contribute to her lifelike look.

She also has a silicone vinyl head with 3/4 silicone vinyl movable arms and legs that let you sit her in various poses. This doll is 18 inches long from head to toes and weighs approximately 2.5 pounds.

Dressed in a long-sleeve shirt with panda prints, a panda hoodie, pink pants, and white shoes, her outfit is made using soft cotton. The weighted body feels like a real newborn and she can fit into infant clothes size.

The Kaydora reborn toddler doll meets or exceeds the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71. It’s suitable for kids 3+ years and comes with a plush panda, a pacifier, a feeding bottle, and a Birth certificate.


  • Nice hair
  • Comes with a plush panda


  • A bit small

5. NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Princess Girl Doll

NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Princess Doll (Blonde Hair), 28" NPK Realistic Reborn Toddler Princess Doll (Blonde Hair), 28"

This limited edition reborn baby doll has an exquisite face with light-colored skin, perfectly formed little arms and legs, soft long hair, and wispy eyelashes. She has a cloth, a cotton-filled body, and vinyl arms and legs.

The NPK realistic reborn toddler princess girl doll is one of the more expensive candidates on our list. She features hand-set eyes and eyelashes, soft long hair, hand-painted details, and wrinkled little fingers.

The heaf and 3/4 of her arms and legs are built using silicone vinyl, and they’re somewhat movable. Her body is cloth and cotton filled.

You can set her up in multiple poses where she can be sitting or lying, but not standing. This lifelike reborn toddler baby doll adheres to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71.

Recommended for ages 3+, this doll is 28 inches long and weighs about 7 pounds. However, since she’s handmade, you should expect some variation in measurements.


  • Luxurious look
  • Resembles the size and weight of an older toddler
  • Beautiful detailing


  • Expensive
  • The arms aren’t very movable

6. CHAREX Handmade Reborn Toddler Girl Doll

NPK Full-Body Vinyl Doll w/Long Hair & Rabbit, 18" NPK Full-Body Vinyl Doll w/Long Hair & Rabbit, 18"

Includes: 18-inch doll shown, a magnet pacifier, a feeding bottle, a birth certificate, and the cute rabbit shown in the picture.

One last girl option before we move on to the boy section is the CHAREX handmade toddler doll.

Offering a real baby feel, this cute doll is 18 inches long from head to toe and has a full vinyl silicone body that can handle water. This means your little one will be able to share a bath with the doll.

The doll features hand-applied brown eyes and eyelashes, as well as brown, long wig hair. Thanks to the ASTM F963 and EN71 safety certifications, this reborn doll is suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

The package includes a magnetic pacifier, a feeding bottle, a Birth certificate, and a plush rabbit.


  • Long hair
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a rabbit plush


  • May have some proportion issues

Best Reborn Toddler Dolls – Boys

1. iCradle Realistic Reborn Toddler Boy Doll

Our Pick
iCradle Realistic Looking Reborn Toddler Boy, 24" iCradle Realistic Looking Reborn Toddler Boy, 24"
  • Head and 3/4 limbs are made of high-quality soft vinyl.
  • He has double-fold eyelids with acrylic eyes and eyelashes that are hand-applied.
  • His hand-applied synthetic wig hair is very soft to the touch (and be straightened with a hair iron; 120° C max.

Our first option for a toddler boy doll is from iCradle. This reborn doll is 24 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 4 pounds. Keep in mind that it’s handmade though, so there may be some variation in the size and weight.

As for the head and limbs, they’re are made of high-quality silicone vinyl, so they’re soft to touch, realistic, and pretty flexible. The doll’s body is stuffed with PP cotton cloth and it’s not waterproof.

For cleaning, you can take off the clothes to wash them and hand-clean the body using a wet towel. Make sure it dries completely to maintain its good condition.

Additionally, this reborn boy doll is poseable since the head and limbs can be moved around freely. The eyes are made of Taiwan high-grade acrylic (don’t blink), the eyelids have a beautiful double-fold, and the eyelashes are hand-applied.

The hand-applied hair is very soft and can resist high temperatures. This allows you to straighten or perm the hair with an iron, given that the temperature doesn’t exceed 248° F.

With this doll, you’ll receive a magnetic pacifier, a feeding bottle, a diaper, a birth certificate, and a dinosaur toy.


  • Very natural looking
  • Heat-resistant hair
  • A dinosaur toy is included


  • A bit pricey

2. CHAREX Reborn Toddler Boy w/Frog Outfit

CHAREX Reborn Toddler Boy w/Frog Outfit, 18" CHAREX Reborn Toddler Boy w/Frog Outfit, 18"

Includes: 18-inch doll pictured, outfit shown, a magnet pacifier, a bottle, a birth certificate, and the blue plush giraffe shown.

Last but not least, we have a boy version of the CHAREX handmade reborn toddler. This one is 18 inches long from head to toe and looks a lot like a real baby boy.

It’s made of silicone vinyl to ensure it’s soft to touch, while its cuddly body offers a lifelike reborn feel. He also features hand-applied brown eyes and eyelashes, as well as easily manageable wig hair.

The arms and legs are movable up and down, coupled with an adorable face that’ll make your 3+ toddler feel like they’re playing with a real baby.

As with all the candidates on our list, this reborn doll adheres to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71. It comes with a magnetic pacifier, a feeding bottle, a birth certificate, and a blue plush giraffe.


  • Well-built
  • Cute outfit
  • Comes with a blue plush giraffe


  • Doesn’t sit up

How to Choose the Best Toddler Dolls

When shopping for the best reborn toddler dolls, there are a few aspects that you should consider first so you can make the right decision. Below are the most important ones to keep in mind:


First and foremost, you need to decide on the material of the doll. Several materials are used in making reborn dolls, but we’re talking about the three most common types: gentle touch vinyl, flex touch vinyl, and silicone.

Gentle Touch Vinyl

A gentle touch vinyl doll means that it’s made entirely out of vinyl. As a material, vinyl ensures a highly realistic look to the skin.

Many reborn artists believe that vinyl gives a snuggly quality to the baby doll as it helps them nail the shape of the wrinkles and chubby cheeks. Not to mention, vinyl is also easy to work with and mold, so it’s more accurate on the anatomical and visual levels.

What’s more, vinyl-only dolls are more durable than those made of other materials.

Highly resistant to wear and tear, vinyl reborn dolls are great for kids who aren’t exactly known for gentle play. As for parents, this material is much more affordable cheaper, costing a fraction of the price of actual reborn dolls.

Flex Touch Vinyl

Next, we have flex touch vinyl. All of the dolls on our list are made out of this material, which is a combination of vinyl and silicone, so it offers the best of both worlds: a lifelike experience at a decent price.

This is the closest a vinyl doll can get to the quality and feel of a silicone doll. This material produces skin that’s flexible and snuggly, which lets you bend the doll’s skin and it’ll bounce right back to its original position just like a real baby’s skin.

Silicone vinyl is also more durable than traditional silicone dolls, allowing them to hold up better against wear and tear. Such a doll will look more realistic than vinyl-only dolls as well.

Additionally, these dolls are cheaper than silicone ones, which is always a plus.


Silicone dolls are practically the most lifelike ones compared to other materials. Silicone makes for a super realistic skin feel, and it’s meant more for collectors than kids who want to play with dolls.

Unfortunately, the close similarity to actual skin comes at a cost. On one hand, silicone is very prone to wear and tear. This is why owners of such dolls are advised against bending the doll’s fingers beyond a certain point.

Even the repeated use of pacifiers and bottles can cause wear and tear in the mouth area. As a result, kids need to be extremely careful when playing with these dolls (and let’s face it, this won’t happen).

On the other hand, silicone dolls are also very expensive, ranging from $200 to more than $1000.


The level of maintenance required for a reborn doll varies depending on the material. As we mentioned above, silicone dolls are the most delicate ones.

Although silicone can offer striking similarity to real-life baby skin, it also needs extensive looking after. It may even need reinforcement with baby powder once every week to make it stronger and reduce breakage.

On the other hand, vinyl and silicone vinyl dolls are way more durable so they can handle wear and tear resulting from kids’ play.


Always check whether or not the reborn doll comes with accessories. As a rule of thumb, the more accessories, the better the experience and the higher value for your money.


The price of reborn toddler dolls also caries according to their material and level of detailing. Silicone ones are the most expensive followed by silicone vinyl. The most affordable dolls are vinyl ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a baby doll a good toy for toddlers?

Most children have an instinct to take care of something, kind of like how they’ve been taken care of as babies. This is why toddlers often treat their plush animals as baby dolls. So instead of regular dolls, why not give them ones that look real?

When do children start to show interest in baby dolls?

Most toddlers tend to start enjoying playing with dolls somewhere around the age of 18 months.

Are reborn dolls suitable for children?

This is an extremely common question and one that divides many in the reborn community. Some see reborn dolls purely as collectibles and some just flat out don’t think children should have them.

As a parent, it’s up to you ultimately. It’s important to know that many reborn dolls have small parts (hair bows, eyes, and accessories) that can cause a choking hazard.

For this reason, reborns aren’t recommended for children under the age of 3.

Reborns can get pretty pricey, so if your child doesn’t take care of their toys or is especially hard on them, you might want to consider testing the waters with a cheaper doll.

Do baby dolls promote learning?

Baby dolls help promote cognitive and interactive skills in toddlers. They can also be useful in teaching toddlers the names of body parts.

Are reborn dolls gender-neutral?

Thinking that reborn dolls, or dolls in general, are exclusive to girls is so old-fashioned and irrelevant nowadays. Empathy and awareness are qualities that should be nourished in all children, regardless of gender. That said, reborn dolls are suitable for boys and girls, alike.

Can baby dolls help toddlers prepare for a sibling?

Yes, a baby doll can be an excellent method to help prepare your toddler for a new sibling. You can use it to teach them how being gentle is necessary when dealing with a baby.

Additionally, if you get accessories with your doll, you can mimic changing a diaper and feeding using a bottle. Your toddler will then try to do what they see you doing with their new baby sibling, which helps them bond in a healthier way.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best reborn toddler dolls can be tricky, this is why we included only the top-rated options on the market to make sure you end up with a great deal no matter what.