Reborn Dolls 101 – Most Common Questions Answered

When I first found out about the reborn doll community and the amazing dolls that come along with it, I was so interested in the whole process and had so many questions.

But I had a pretty hard time finding the answers to what I thought were my simple questions.

Keep reading to find some very common questions I had about reborn dolls and the answers to them.

What is the most realistic baby doll?

I was a big doll person growing up and I’ve seen and owned many of them over the years (not to mention my daughter is obsessed…).

No factory-made doll will ever compare to the realism of a vinyl reborn or silicone doll.

Reborn or silicone dolls are hand-down the most realistic dolls around, for many reasons.

The material of the head and limb (either vinyl or silicone), the body filling material (resulting in a lifelike weight and feel), and the amount of artist skill and time that goes into the doll all play a role in making them so lifelike.

These details make reborn or silicone dolls incomparable to factory-made dolls.

Here’s a picture of my first reborn, Avery. She looks like a real newborn, right?

Each doll will be unique, just like a real baby is!

I still scroll through reborn Facebook groups and have to double-take at many of the pictures I see of these dolls.

The artistic talent that takes into account all the tiny details such as milk bumps, elbow creases, or tiny nail scratches on the doll’s face puts the icing on the cake.

If you are looking for a realistic doll, definitely adopt a reborn or silicone doll.

What are reborn babies made of?

Reborn baby dolls are made of vinyl.

Vinyl is a firm, durable material perfect for making dolls that can withstand lots of love.

The act of turning a vinyl kit into a sweet doll has been termed reborning.

Vinyl reborn dolls tend to have a harder or more firm feel to them.

They have hollow vinyl limbs that are filled with a sand-like glass medium which gives them this firmer feel.

Reborn dolls will always have a cloth body paired with their vinyl limbs and head.

What do you do with a reborn baby?

What a question!

What can’t you do with a reborn baby doll?

Every person who sets out to adopt a reborn has a different intention for the doll; let’s look at some common reasons.


Some people search for and adopt reborns solely for the purpose of collecting them.

The originality and artistic talent that goes into each and every doll is worth admiring and collecting.

When these dolls are adopted for collecting purposes, they are rarely changed or played with.

Many times collectors have a safe storage or display area for their collection of dolls.

This protects them from dust, pets, or any other element that may ruin them.


Many people who are looking for a reborn doll have the intention to role-play real-life baby activities with them.

Some of these activities including mock feeding, diaper changes, changing clothes, pushing in a stroller outside, carrying in a baby carrier, or even bathing.

Whether this person just LOVES babies or is grieving the loss of their own baby, playing with these lifelike dolls is extremely fun and fulfilling.

While we know that they are not real babies, playing and loving on even a fake newborn is an awesome feeling that many cannot get enough of.

Therapeutic Reasons

Reborn dolls can be used for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, anxiety or depression, or learning disabilities.

As they are so lifelike, holding, rocking, or playing with these dolls can help many people cope with different things.

For a Dementia patient, it brings about a maternal or paternal sense and causes the people to be less agitated, sad, and lonely.

For those who may have lost a baby or whose babies have grown and left the house, reborn dolls fill that void.

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What can reborn babies do?

There are different kinds of reborn baby dolls and some have extra or special features (keep in mind, extra features mean they will be more expensive).

Can they drink milk?

While reborn dolls cannot drink milk due to their cloth bodies, there are silicone dolls that are called Drink & Wet dolls and they can actually ingest milk.

For reborn dolls, you will have to mock feed them bottles.

If you need some guidance on bottles and synthetic formula check out this article about homemade bottles and formula.

Do they poop?

For those of you who hate dirty diapers, you’re in luck!

Reborn dolls do not poop.

This saves you the cost of diapers and wipes.

It is still so fun to change reborn dolls, so keep fresh diapers on hand.

Do they move around?

Reborn dolls are not alive so they cannot move around on their own.

They are made of vinyl with cloth bodies, so they can be quite bendy and cuddly.

If you want your doll to hold certain poses, be sure to check with the artist or seller regarding arm and leg armatures.

These are tiny pieces of wire that will hold the shape in the limb that you put it in.

Can they blink their eyes?

You will find a reborn with either eyes opened or closed and look like they’re asleep.

The way you buy it will be its fixed position.

Their eyes cannot blink or both open and close.

Do reborn dolls cry?

Most reborn dolls do not come with the mechanism that allows them to cry.

For an extra cost, some artists can include a “voice box” type of machine inside a reborn or silicone doll.

This box may include crying, cooing, or drinking sounds.

Do reborn babies breathe?

There are reborn dolls that include a machine that makes it look as if they’re breathing.

Their chests will rise and fall as real babies would.

Again, because this is a special feature, these reborn dolls will be more pricey.