Reborn Baby Bottles | Best Pre-Made & Homemade Options

Why do you need to have baby bottles for your reborn doll?

Well, for starters, what babies don’t like to eat?

Just kidding. We know dolls can’t actually eat.

Baby or doll bottles are perfect props for your nursery or for using in photos of your doll.

You can also use them to mimic bottle feedings.

There are many options out there and I know it can be overwhelming when trying to pick out the PERFECT bottle for your doll so I wanted to help out.

I have compiled a list of the best bottles to use for your reborn or silicone doll.

I will separate them between pre-made baby doll bottles and real baby bottles.

I will also give you a couple different “recipe” options to create the most realistic looking baby milk or formula to fill your bottles with.

Best Pre-Made Reborn Baby Bottles

So you may not have the time or patience to create a homemade baby bottle.

And that’s ok.

That’s why I’ve read through hundreds of reviews and am sharing a list of my BLANK favorite pre-made doll bottles for reborns.

Magic Baby Bottles

Our #1 Favorite
10/03/2022 02:11 pm GMT
  • Includes 1 milk and 1 orange juice bottle
  • Bottle is 6 inches tall
  • Has a cute wraparound design
  • Liquid “disappears” as your doll drinks it

Paradise Galleries Magic Bottles Set

Popular Pick
10/03/2022 07:35 am GMT
  • Unique shape makes it easy to hold
  • Includes 1 milk and 1 orange juice bottle
  • The liquid in the bottle appears to “empty” as the bottle is tilted during feedings
  • Bottle is almost 5 inches tall

CHAREX Feeding Bottle & Magnetic Pacifier Set for Reborns

  • Recommended for reborn or silicone dolls sized 18 to 22 inches
  • Comes in pink or blue
  • Bottle is 5.5 inches tall
  • Can be filled with water for a more realistic look
  • The nipple has a hole in it that allows liquid to actually come out
  • Comes with a magnetic pacifier

My Sweet Baby Disappearing Magic Bottles

  • Includes 1 milk and 1 orange juice bottle
  • Includes 1 non-magnetic pacifier
  • Milk or juice seems to disappear as your dolls “drinks” it
  • Bottle is 6 inches tall
  • Cute decorated bottles

Click N’ Play Magic Disappearing Milk and Juice Bottles

  • Includes 1 milk and 1 orange juice bottle
  • Plain bottles without design, good for boy or girl dolls
  • Juice and Milk magically disappear from bottle as the doll “drinks” from them
  • A little over 4 inches tall

JC Toys Deluxe Disappearing Magic Bottles

  • Adorable butterfly design on the bottles
  • Includes 1 orange juice and 1 milk bottle
  • Magic milk or juice moves just like the real thing when you feed your doll
  • Bottle is 5.5 inches tall
  • Nipple is soft and easy to fit in a doll’s mouth

Best Real Baby Bottles for Reborn or Silicone Dolls

If you’re looking for the most realistic looking bottles for your reborn or silicone dolls then what better place to search than for REAL baby bottles.

While these are typically more pricey than pre-made doll bottles like the ones I listed above, they definitely look most realistic.

Of course, you can use any bottle, but I’ve listed a few of my favorites for you – click the name of each to see them on Amazon.

  • Joovy Boob Bottle (see on Amazon): This bottle is easy to clean and will not absorb odor or color (which is perfect if you plan to fill it with “fake” baby formula or milk that I’ll teach you how to make … keep reading.)
  • Tommee Tippee (see on Amazon): While I linked the clear bottles, there are tons of fun options for colors and designs when it comes to these bottles allowing you to pick the perfect one for your doll’s personality.
  • BornFree Breeze (see on Amazon): Luckily the reviews about the nipples collapsing during feedings won’t affect your doll. I like these glass bottles because they’re very easy to clean and are transparent (more fun experimenting with formula recipes and colors).
  • Medela (see on Amazon): At about 7.5 inches tall, these are the perfect size for reborn dolls.
  • Avent (see on Amazon): Available in multiple colors and design options, these easy to clean and ergonomically friendly bottles last long and will make a great addition to your nursery. 
  • Munchkin Latch (see on Amazon)With a super flexible nipple, this bottle can bend and adapt to different sized doll mouths and mouth openings.
  • Lansinoh (see on Amazon)These bottles are sturdy and come with a cap to protect the nipple which make it easy to pack up in a diaper bag and take with you.
  • MAM (see on Amazon)This bottle is also available in multiple colors allowing you to pick the one that fits best for your doll. I love the vented base, it just gives it an extra pop of color.
  • Nuk (see on Amazon): If you love the element of surprise, this set of bottles is for you. Almost like an unboxing! When you order these bottles, the color that arrives will vary.
  • Dr. Browns (see on Amazon): Very highly reviewed for real babies, your reborn is sure to love these bottles too.

How To Seal Real Baby Bottles For Reborns

If you opted to purchase real baby bottles, you will need to seal them if you plan to fill them with any type of liquid.

This will allow you to use these long term and will prevent liquid from dripping out and ruining your silicone or vinyl doll.

First, you’ll want to pick up some clear waterproof silicone sealant (Amazon) or some of this clear Gorilla Glue (also on Amazon).

Start by unscrewing the cap off of your baby bottle.

Use your choice of sealant and squirt an amount large enough to cover any openings in the nipple.

Be sure to check for air vents that are sometimes placed along the flat edge of the nipple.

All of these openings need to be sealed before you can add any liquid to the bottle.

It is best to allow the sealant to dry for at least 24 hours.

I recommend you test your seals with water before you put your homemade milk in.

Return the nipple and cap tightly to the bottle and turn it upside down and press the nipple in to mock a feeding motion to ensure there is no leaking.

If nothing leaks out, you successfully sealed your first baby bottle!

Homemade (Fake) Baby Formula Recipe

So your bottle is all sealed and you’re ready to fill it.

You can choose water of course, but to make it even more realistic you can make a pretend formula or milk with just a few simple ingredients you may already have laying around the house.

Please don’t drink this mixture or leave it unattended in a child’s presence (it looks so real they might not know any better). 

Option 1

You will need:

  • Water
  • Glue
  • A mixing tool (I recommend plastic spoon or fork)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Yellow food coloring

Start by filling your baby bottle with water.

I recommend using warm water as it tends to mix with the glue easier.

Fill it as high as you’d like the formula to appear in the bottle.

Next, add a decent amount of glue (you can experiment with how much based on the consistency you’d like your “formula” to be)

This thickens the mixture up making it appear more like baby formula.

Then use your mixing tool to mix the water and glue together very well.

Next, we will add one drop of yellow food coloring.

Follow this with 1-2 drops of vanilla extract.

The combination of the yellow food coloring and brown color of vanilla extract mesh perfectly and create an off-white liquid, just like baby formula.

Put the lid tightly back on the bottle and shake it up until the color is uniform.

That’s it!

Option 2

You will need:

  • White fabric softener
  • Vanilla Extract

This one’s super easy.

Just add the white fabric softener to your bottle with a couple drops of vanilla extract and shake it up.

Tada! Your doll is ready to “eat”.

Option 3

You will need:

  • White or Cream Colored Lotion
  • Water
  • Yellow Food Coloring

Many in the reborn community like this recipe as it won’t separate or mold over time.

First, add the water to your bottle.

Next, add a decent amount of the lotion followed by 1-2 drops of the yellow food coloring.

Mix, shake and your baby is ready for lunch.

How To Make Magic Bottles For Your Reborn

So you’ve selected your bottle and have mixed up the perfect looking pretend baby formula.

To make it even more realistic looking, try making this easy magic bottle for your dolls.

As you turn the bottle upside down and press the nipple to your doll’s mouth, the formula magically “disappears”.

Here’s how to make it:

Start by removing the lid from the bottle of your choice.

Fill the nipple or cap with just enough water to fill it and then dump that water into the bottle.

Next, use saran wrap and place it tightly over the bottle opening (don’t worry about excess, we’ll cut that off later).

Now using a safety pin, poke a few holes all around the rim of the bottle.

Return the lid tightly to the bottle (place it directly over the saran wrap).

Before you trim the excess saran wrap, test the bottle to ensure it works properly.

Do this by turning it over and pump the nipple to draw the formula down into it. The amount of liquid in the bottle should “disappear” (don’t worry it’s not gone forever, it’s just stored in the nipple).

To empty the lid or nipple area, just push or pump it back down into the bottle. Your saran seal should hold up very well during all of this.

Finally, use scissors to trim the excess saran wrap around the bottle. Stay closest to the rim as possible so no one catches on to our little secret.

Let’s Bottle This Up 🙂

Whew, who knew so much could go into finding or making a bottle for your reborn or silicone dolls?!

We all want the best for our dolls and I hope you are able to find the perfect bottle for yours here.

Whether your doll is a YouTube star, neighborhood celebrity, or shy nursery baby, he or she still needs to eat.