Reborn Baby Monkeys (Full Silicone & Vinyl)

If you’ve spent any amount of time searching the web for reborn babies, you’ve likely seen some adorable and incredibly realistic looking reborn baby monkeys pop up.

Now, they might not be for everyone (nothing is though), but if you made it to this page you are in the right place.

I’ve combed through 100+ listings, countless websites, spent countless hours, and read through review after review.

And the result is the ultimate buyer’s guide for silicone AND reborn baby monkeys you’ll find.

Here are the categories I’ve divided them into:

  • Reborn baby monkey dolls that look real
  • Full body silicone baby monkeys
  • Reborn monkey twins
  • Cheap (more affordable) reborn monkeys

Most Realistic Reborn Baby Monkey Dolls

True to the reborn style, the monkeys in this section have vinyl heads, arms, and legs. I’ve covered the differences between vinyl and silicone babies here.

“Clementine Needs A Cuddle” Baby Monkey Doll By Linda Murray

Cuddly Baby Monkey Doll By Linda Murray
  • Made with RealTouch® vinyl skin and hand-placed hair
  • 14-inches long with posable arms and legs
  • Weighted cloth body
  • 365-day manufacturer guarantee
Check Price On Ashton-Drake

Clementine comes from an exclusive collection of baby monkeys by Ashton-Drake. This doll is a creation of master doll artist, Linda Murray.

Made from RealTouch® vinyl, little Clementine is soft to the touch and brought to life by hand-painted life-like details from her cute little face to her tiny baby feet.

Her weighted, fully posable body gives her added realism and is finished off with a touch of baby smell thanks to her baby powder scent.

Cute Reborn Chimp Baby

Limited Quantity
Cute Reborn Baby Chimp Cute Reborn Baby Chimp
  • Handmade in vinyl with a cloth body by the TiffieRebornMonster nursery
  • 20-inches long and filled with glass sand beads
  • Can wear newborn clothes size 0-3

This adorable chimp baby comes to you, handmade by the TiffieRebornMonster nursery, with either brown or blonde hair. The Brown hair (pictured) baby is by far my favorite – it makes this sweet creature look so much more real.

The hair on this chimp baby is hand-rooted and really adds to the overall look. Hair has been added to the face and chin, arms, and legs.

Custom Reborn Baby Monkey

Custom Reborn Baby Monkey Custom Reborn Baby Monkey
  • Custom, made-to-order reborn baby monkey
  • You choose boy/girl, hair & eye color
  • 15-16 inches, 4lbs
  • Hand-rooted mohair on head and limbs

Handmade from the Bindi reborn kit, this monkey is highly customizable and comes from a well-reviewed shop (lunatoonyweeones).

Each baby monkey is made-to-order and comes with hand-rooted mohair on the head, arms, and legs. You’ll be able to customize it to your liking by choosing the gender, hair color, end eye color.

As if that wasn’t enough, each baby arrives with a real infant diaper, an outfit (varies depending on stock), a hair bow or hat, a magnetic pacifier, and a reborn monkey adoption birth certificate with care guide.

Full-Body Silicone Baby Monkeys

If you’re looking for a monkey with a soft flexible body, a full-body silicone baby is for you.

As you’ll see from the monkeys included on this list, the extreme realism silicone offers, comes with a bit more expense. Prepare yourself…one look at these cuties is all it takes. Next thing you know you’ll have a full-on monkey collection! 🙂

Chimpanzee Baby

Chimpanzee Baby (Full-Body Silicone) Chimpanzee Baby (Full-Body Silicone)
  • Handmade in Italy by Laira Maganuco from platinum silicone
  • Measures 7.87 inches, weighs 11.14 ounces
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

If you’re looking for a monkey baby that’s truly one of a kind, look no further. Well…look at the next one too, because it’s from the same sculpture.

Keep in mind, this monkey is a little on the smaller side. It measures in at 7.87 inches and weighs just over 11 ounces.

Each order is made as it comes in and ships internationally from Pavia, Italy.

Coco The Silicone Baby Monkey

Coco The Silicone Baby Monkey Coco The Silicone Baby Monkey
  • Handmade in Italy by Laira Maganuco from platinum silicone
  • Measures 15.75 inches, weighs 3.42 lbs
  • Includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
  • Allow 5-6 days to make after purchase

Here’s another baby monkey from the Italian sculptor Laira Maganuco. This one is my personal favorite because it’s a bit bigger (15.75 inches and 3.42 lbs), but also just looks tons more realistic, in my opinion.

I also like that his mouth opens nicely so he can suck on his thumb or be fed a bottle of milk.

Since each order is custom-made, you’ll need to be patient and allow 5-6 days after ordering for it to be “born“.

Mini Silicone Baby Monkey

This is truly a mini baby monkey – it’s just a little bigger than your typical banana. Its mouth does open so it can take a pacifier or bottle.

It also comes with a set of glass eyes which can be removed to give it the sweet look of a sleeping baby.

Reborn Monkey Twins

Poseable Baby Orangutan Twins

Poseable Baby Orangutan Twins Poseable Baby Orangutan Twins
  • Made from soft vinyl with cloth bodies
  • Completely poseable
  • Each measures 8-inches long
  • Each comes with a onesie outfit
  • 365-day manufacturer guarantee

These totally adorable twins are the creation of award-winning artist, Cindy Sales, and a part of Ashton-Drake’s baby monkey collection.

Their fuzzy heads, realistic looks, and poseable bodies make them a great addition for any collector.

Cheap Reborn Monkeys

Cheap is one of the most relative terms around…especially when talking about life-like dolls. I started writing this section and ended up deleting most and starting from scratch.

Why? Well, I originally thought I’d include some babies from Amazon and eBay. Turns out, the majority of what they have under the $100 price point (which is what I was aiming for) is pretty…crappy.

And I don’t feel good recommending something that I personally wouldn’t buy or haven’t bought myself.

That being said, if you’re looking for a cheaper reborn monkey from a reputable company you can trust, I’d recommend checking out Ashton-Drake’s collection of monkeys.

Not only do they start at around $80 (plus shipping) but they all come with a 365-day unconditional guarantee.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another doll company out there that backs their product like that.

Ashton-Drake has been around since 1985 and is US-based and employee-owned.

So there you have it.

If you’re looking for an affordable baby monkey doll, I’d check out Ashton Drake’s collection, here.

Here’s A Baby Monkey Video – Enjoy!

These babies were already adopted, but they are too adorable not to include.