Baby Doll Baths – 9 Best Bathtubs in 2022!

Baby dolls are one of the most popular toys for little girls. Adding accessories like baby doll baths, clothes, and bottles really adds to the experience and builds imagination.

We’ve found the best baby doll baths that little girls will love to use to keep their baby dolls clean. Read on to see our reviews of the top babydoll bathtubs for your little one. We’ve included play sets, working tubs, battery-operated baths, and different tub styles.

Best Baby Doll Baths 

Here are nine of the best baby doll baths with short reviews.

1. JC Toys 7-Piece Pink Baby Doll Bath Gift Set

JC Toys 7-Piece Pink Baby Doll Bath Set (Fits Up To 16” Dolls) JC Toys 7-Piece Pink Baby Doll Bath Set (Fits Up To 16” Dolls)

Set includes: 1 Bathtub, 1 Pretend Soap Dish, 1 Soap, 1 Rubber Ducky, 1 Tube of Toothpaste, 1 Toothbrush, and 1 Cute Ducky Comb.

Little girls are sure to love playing mommy with this adorable pink bath set by JC Toys, complete with a small bathtub for baby dolls up to 16″ and six accessory pieces.

This set – intended for children over the age of two -comes with everything needed to complete a baby’s bathtime, including a bar of pretend soap with a plastic soap dish, toothbrush, toothpaste, an adorable rubber ducky, a small towel, and a ducky comb.

2. JC Toys Adorable Lil’ Cutesies Bathtub

Up To 10" Dolls
JC Toys Adorable Lil' Cutesies Bathtub (Fits Dolls Up To 10") JC Toys Adorable Lil' Cutesies Bathtub (Fits Dolls Up To 10")
  • Includes a working shower head
  • Customers rave about the quality

The Lil’ Cutesies bathtub by JC Toys is an adorable pink pedestal bathtub with enough room to fit one baby up to 10″ or two smaller babies. 

Safe for children over two, the little girl in your life will have a blast bathing her dolls with a real working shower head and a tub that holds water. 

3. White Doll Bathtub by Sophia’s

Great For 18" Dolls
White Doll Bathtub w/Hand Shower (Fits Dolls Up Tp 18") White Doll Bathtub w/Hand Shower (Fits Dolls Up Tp 18")

Fits most 18" dolls including American Girl® dolls, My Life As® dolls, Our Generation® dolls, and more!

This large, realistic clawfoot tub with shower extension by Sophia’s is sure to be a well-used toy in all little girls’ arsenals. Although you can fill this tub with water, the faucet does not work.

With enough room for an 18″ doll, you can use this tub for multiple brands and sizes of baby dolls, including Our Generation, My Life as Dolls, and American Girls. 

4. Corolle – Bathtub with Shower

Corolle Bathtub with Shower (For 12" & 14" Baby Dolls, Pink) Corolle Bathtub with Shower (For 12" & 14" Baby Dolls, Pink)
  • Includes working shower head
  • No batteries required
  • Best for smaller dolls

For an adorable baby tub with a working shower for baby dolls up to 14″, check out the Corolle bathtub with shower, which is part of the Mon Grand Poupon Corolle collection.

This pink and white tub, intended for children over the age of three, is simple to operate. Add water into the tub and press down on the plunge, so water flows through the showerhead.

5. Baby Born Foaming Bath Tub

Baby Born Foaming Bath Tub (For Dolls Up To 18") Baby Born Foaming Bath Tub (For Dolls Up To 18")
  • It has a cute shower head that really works
  • Soap dispenser that foams out bubbles
  • Lights and music to make bath time even more fun

This multicolor bathtub by Baby Born operates with real water and foam. There’s enough room for babies up to 18″, including Barbies and Baby Born babies.

Unique features of this tub include bath time music and real light features. To operate the shower and make foam, you have to push down on the plunges. It even comes with a cute rubber ducky. 

6. JC Toys For Keeps! Baby Doll Bath Tub

JC Toys For Keeps! Baby Doll Bath Tub (For Dolls Up To 17") JC Toys For Keeps! Baby Doll Bath Tub (For Dolls Up To 17")
  • Real working tub with the flower shower head.
  • It also includes playtime soap, soap dish, baby Wash, toothbrush, toothpaste and bath towel.

JC Toys did their homework to provide an adorable working bathtub for dolls up to 17″ and children over the age of two. The bright colors are sure to entice your little girl.

The flower-shaped shower head gives a touch of whimsy while being functional. In addition to the tub, this toy also comes with bath time accessories, including play soap and a dish, baby bath wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, and a bathing towel to get the baby dry after her bath.

7. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll Bathtub

If you’re looking for a basic baby bathtub with no functional features, you’re sure to enjoy the sweet simplicity of the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love bathtub. In addition to the tub, this toy also comes with a working lidded shampoo bottle, play soap and dish, a washcloth, and a rubber ducky. 

This small tub is perfect to use during bathtime, although it’s intended for children over three due to small parts. Your child is sure to enjoy cleaning her babies while getting clean herself. This tub can fit Melissa & Doug Mine to Love dolls and those of similar size (less than 15″). 

8. Perfectly Cute Baby & Splash 5pc Set

The Perfectly Cute Baby & Splash set recommended for children over two offers a simplistic pink bathtub to entertain little girls during doll play. This tub can hold water, but it does not have a working faucet or a deep basin (3.5″ tall).

Besides the tub, this set also comes with a starfish bath toy, a whale water bucket, soap bottle, and a hooded towel to get Baby dry. Your little momma can use this toy for bathing babies up to 8″ long.

9. Toyvian Electric Water Spraying Bathtub (Barbie-Sized)

Best For Barbies®
Toyvian Bathtub With Working Sprayer for Barbies® (Pink) Toyvian Bathtub With Working Sprayer for Barbies® (Pink)
  • Small design makes it ideal for Barbie® dolls
  • Requires 3xAAA batteries (not included)
  • Measures roughly 8.78" x 4.53" x 6.89" inches

Little girls are sure to enjoy bathing their dolls in this adorable hot pink clawfoot tub. This toy holds water and has a working faucet that imitates the sound of water running.

You will need to add 5 AAA batteries, which do not come with the toy. Your child can use this tub for bathing her Barbies or small dolls, but it will not fit large dolls.

Things To Consider When Bathing Baby Dolls

When letting your child bathe her baby dolls, there are some things to consider. Here are some common things to think about for your child’s bath time.

Toys Make Bath Time More Fun

Any parent who’s survived the toddler years knows that convincing a small child to get into the bath is close to the equivalent of trying to bathe an angry cat. 

But there is a secret that many of us discover to help trick our uncooperative charges to brave the horrors of bathtime. Toys! Giving your children toys they can only use during bathtime is one of the smartest ways to convince a stubborn child to get wet.

Little girls love playing with dolls and playing house. With babydoll bathtubs, your child can bathe her baby while she’s taking her own. You get the benefit of not having to wipe down sticky toys while knowing your child and her toys are getting germ-free, hassle-free. 


When shopping for a babydoll bathtub, it’s easy to get excited by all the advanced features and think those are the ones you- I mean your child – will have the most fun using.

But before you add that realistic, real-functioning doll tub to your shopping cart, take the time to look through your child’s toy box. Consider the size of her dolls, especially the ones you know she plays with the most. 

Given the wide range of sizes for dolls and doll accessories, one size does not fit all. Large dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, and My Life as Dolls will need a larger bathtub than you’d need for Barbies or Baby Born.

Workable Features

Some baby doll tubs have features that function. It’s essential to read the description for these, so you know what to expect.

Many people purchase tubs that produce real water but don’t realize it’s manual. If you’re shopping for a tub that can go into the bath with your child, you may not want a battery-operated tub unless you’re sure it’s waterproof. 


Some babydoll toys will have small parts that can pose a choking hazard for small children. It’s essential to know the recommended age of toys and follow these standards. You may be able just to put away the tiny toys and allow your young child to play with only the tub. 

If your child is playing with their babydoll bathtub in a real tub filled with water, you’ll want to provide the proper supervision. Never leave a young child in a tub alone. 

And once playtime is over, it’s crucial to thoroughly dry all of the wet toys, including the baby dolls. Allowing toys to stay wet can lead to mildew or mold growth, which can be dangerous for children. 


Bath time can be more fun when there are toys to use and a goal to complete. Give your little lady the job of being the best mom ever by keeping her babies clean and healthy. Reduce the hassles of your child fighting against bath time with any of these baby doll baths.