Benefits of Playing With Dolls


Play is the main activity that children do to learn many things while developing their abilities, including playing with dolls.

Girls generally love playing with dolls. Although at first glance it only looks like playing, it turns out that children learn many things from the play. What are the benefits of playing with dolls for children? Find out the answer in the following review.

Develops Imagination

When playing with dolls, of course, children use their imagination to determine the roles of their dolls and the storyline. This can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination.

For example, if the child likes the profession of doctor, the child will imagine that she is a doctor and the doll is her patient.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Playing with dolls trains your children develop their motor skills. While playing with dolls, children will actively move their limbs, such as fingers, hands, feet, and even head. This can train motor skills to improve agility and strength.

For example, in dressing their dolls, your children is improving their pincer strength and precision as well as toning other fine motor muscles.

Teaches Empathy

The research suggests that playing imaginary games with dolls could help children develop social skills and empathy. They will learn to feel what others feel and put themselves into a position.

When the child is still little, a doll will serve as an object they can hold onto and feel secure with. As the child grows older, your child will imagine that the dolls is their friend.

Taking care of a doll will help the child learn empathy and responsibility and teach them how to take care of another living thing.

Develops Social Skills

Research in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience states that areas of the brain associated with social behaviour and empathy are activated when children play with others or play alone with dolls.

In addition, the social and emotional skill development obtained when playing with dolls is better than when children play with tablets (gadgets).

Encourages Communication

Another benefit associated with playing with dolls is that it encourages communication from children.

Although dolls are inanimate objects, children have the opportunity to talk and often have long conversation with dolls. This can be a great way for children to express themselves and learn how to communicate effectively.

In Conclusion

There are many benefits to playing with dolls. These benefits include developing imagination, developing fine motor skills, teaching empathy, helping with social development and encouraging communication.

All of these benefits are important for children’s growth and development. So if you are looking for a toy that will support your child’s development in effective ways, consider investing in a doll.